Should I get the new scarf for the winter?

Silk has been with the human race for thousands of years. Many expensive clothes are crafted from this versatile textile material. Silk scarves are probably the most common and have also been around for quite some time. Many scarves wholesale are popular worldwide, not just in China or India. These scarves can be worn by anybody; they have been worn in schools, in bars and even offices. The versatility and elegance that comes with silk cannot be undermined. Silk is a great value for money, especially when you get a hand-made piece of clothing. This quality of silk scarves is unmatchable, with durability being the key.

scarves wholesaleSilk scarves wholesale are currently in high demand. If you want to choose the right and unique piece you naturally want to avoid getting a fake one. Of course, the first step is easy: you know that silk is an expensive material, and so you will have to spend a little bit more on a genuine silk scarf. Remember, quality silk scarves are worth the value and last for a long time. Always check whether your silk scarves are of good quality, this way you will eliminate the chances of buying a fake replica. Pure silk is easily recognizable and has a smooth, cool feel.

Choosing a unique scarf makes you stand out of the crowd by being original and unique. Imagine that awkward moment when you walk into a room and spot another person with the same blouse as yours. If you are a true fashionista, it can be an embarrassing moment. And so, the fashionable scarves wholesale can completely change the outfit – by focusing the look on the scarf itself. It is good to be creative and unique, especially when you the most unique of all. This can be achieved by getting the scarf from a quality artisan. Hand-painted scarves are also great when choosing a unique and original scarf.


How to dress well in the tracksuits wholesale

Ladies, tracksuits are your friends: there are many tracksuits wholesale on the market, and you should finally embrace this trend. Sure, some people that it’s far too casual, but in a world where everything seems to be turning into something so stiff and formal, sometimes a bit of casual can really be a good thing.

The fashionistas are quick to point out that even if tracksuits for women are a good thing, there is definitely a right and wrong way to dress. However, I can find very little information about how to really explore the wider world of tracksuits wholesale and find a few good sets of tops and bottoms that will let you really enjoy the best this trend has to offer.
tracksuits wholesaleThe primary key to making tracksuits of any kind really work for you is to keep it simple. They’re meant to be casual, and the producers of tracksuits wholesale market them either as sportswear or casual wear. Avoid high heels or even lots of jewelry with this look.

This is a tracksuit, so you don’t want to look way too overdone nor sloppy. You don’t have to give up accessories at all — just keep them simple. In addition, a good pair of jogging shoes that are clean and well maintained gives you a casual sporty look without much effort — try it out today!

If you want to match a tracksuit with an accessory, don’t steer away from the sports style – consider an American-style baseball cap, or a European messenger bike bag. Don’t go overboard with jewelry – maybe pick ceramic chunky bracelet or a simple pendant. In general, tracksuit needs to be casual – if you have time to pick accessories, you also have time to not wear a tracksuit!

All the producers of tracksuits wholesale prepare velour tracksuits so that the customers looked good! You too can join the celebs who love to wear elegant feminine tracksuits.

How to look elegant in fancy feminine pantsuits

If there is anything plus size pantsuits are made for it is so that ladies would feel more comfortable and look elegant. Indeed, wholesale womens trousers for real women with real curves are available in luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, and chiffon. These won’t be just comfortable and optically lengthen your legs, but also show extra sophisticated personality.

wholesale womens trousersThese formal wholesale womens trousers are acceptable in a range of occasions and are considered to work great for events like rehearsal dinners, proms, church, career events, and weddings. However, looking for suitable pants for women can be a bit overwhelming. To help people like you who might be in dire need of sophisticated trousers that will suit your style and size, I’m offering you some tips that you might find handy while shopping for special occasions.

When looking for something formal that you can use for career events and everyday work, I would recommend getting dressy wholesale womens trousers. Trousers in the fancy style or cut will suit most of your activities and can even look great when matched with casual clothes. I have plenty of elegant work pants, and they suit me well when I wear them at a party after a long day at the office. Yes, these pants can be made for dancing and parties.

I think that what stresses guests out when they are to attend a black tie event, such a wedding is shopping for wedding outfit. My tip is to always shop early, since weddings are announced and planned well in advance of the occasion date. In general, don’t limit yourself to the wedding stores – if you find a retailer who buys a lot of good quality wholesale womens trousers, pick them! Remember that many producers or stores add the world “wedding” in front of the garment to increase the price.


Women’s jackets – power suits or not?

Well, I’m a big fan of distressed jeans and leather jackets… but nothing says as much about “girl power” as the proper power suit. I believe that all women should have at least one suit sitting in their closets; suits are incredibly versatile garments that can be worn in a variety of settings. And your pantsuit or skirt suit can come in two pieces – you can mix and match the jacket and bottom with various other pieces of clothing, and create various unique combos. Some producers sell wholesale womens jackets just so could you match them with other pieces.

In general wholesale womens jackets are usually sold as part of a matching suit set and distributed in stores. There are three basic kinds of women’s suits found in Western culture: pantsuits, skirt suits, and dress suits. However, many producers also sell the suit jackets as separates. Apart from mixing possibilities, if a woman is one size on the top and but has a wider or narrow bottom, she doesn’t have to buy two suits. Also, if she will separates, a woman can get a nice suit jacket in one style and a bottom in a different style.

wholesale womens jacketsIn general women’s suit jackets come in two different styles: single-breasted suit jackets have one row of buttons (between one and four) and a narrow fabric overlap. They look professional but less formal than the double-breasted ones. The double-breasted suit jackets have two parallel rows of buttons (between four or six) and a wide fabric overlap. They look more restrictive and are great if you have a flatter stomach.

Another decision to make is the vent – vent is a slit in the back of a suit jacket. They can make your jacket more comfortable and look nice. Some suits are single vented – the vent is usually found at the bottom of the rear center of the suit. Others have two side vents under the sleeves of the suit. And some wholesale womens jackets don’t have any vents at all.


Why wear colorful tights?

Like many girls, I love to keep my legs covered. Sure, I show bare legs on the beach or when biking, but when the snow or autumn leaves are falling I want to keep snug and warm. But, frankly speaking, I always have a hard time getting away from my favorite black tights. I like browsing wholesale tights and I like to buy them in large quantities.

So I wanted to change my appearance. When I googled colored tights, I found the bright red and yellow which I’m just not daring enough to pull off. And so, I set on my self-improvement journey.

wholesale tightsDark red tights go great with navy or grey. I considered burgundy or brown-red – the deep reddish purple/wine color, is also relatively subtle and pretty versatile too. Wear them with dark neutral tops: Navy, brown or grey are all somewhat neutral but would be a bit of a change from black. I wouldn’t honestly try out colors like brown or light brown unless they will match your skin color. But actually mustard yellow, broken brights and off-yellows are really popular right now.

In general, the easiest formula to choose for an outfit that contains a pair of bright tights is the simple combo: a white shirt, black/gray shorts, and colored wholesale tights. In my opinion, the shirt and shorts can have a subtle pattern, but really, you if you want the tights to be a focal point of your outfit, the rest should be plain. You can afford wearing more eclectic pieces later on, when you are more familiar with the idea of bright tights. Vivid colors aren’t for everyone – certainly it took me ages to build up my courage! For example, you could pick a pink dress with yellow tights or match a light blue shirt with hot pink shorts and mint tights. Risky? You bet. But damn if you won’t stand out from the crowd!

My favorite brands of jeans


The modern mens wholesale jeans were invented by Levi’s – they combined the resilience of denim with the strength of riveted stitches. They have always stayed at the top, with their classic style and durability with modern tastes. Their recognizable two-horse logo and leather patches are fashion icon – and often they’re buttoned instead of having a zipper.


mens wholesale jeansWrangler as the name implies jumped quickly on the mens wholesale jeans bandwagon, selling overalls for horse wranglers and farmhands. This brand is now synonymous with jeans and cowboys who wear them. It is also a great choice for a man looking for a rugged cowboy look.


In 1969 the first GAP store opened in San Francisco. Why did GAP carry jeans? Well, their original motivation for starting the company was that the founder couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit him right. Today, GAP jeans come in a variety of washes and styles to suit all sorts of occasions and tastes.

7 For All Mankind

Compared to older brands, 7 For All Mankind is a very new brand, born in 2000 in L.A. It quickly became very popular thanks to celebrity endorsements. They offer many unique colors and custom cuts, and so work great for the customers who want lots of options and customized mens wholesale jeans.


If you’re looking for European styles may enjoy Diesel’s unique take on denim jeans. Diesel is an Italian brand offering this very American piece of clothing – jeans. During the global fuel crisis diesel fuel was seen as an alternative to gasoline, and so Diesel jeans are an alternative for the traditional style.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren sounds “upper crust”, but it’s also a popular jean company. If you’re looking for high-class fashion and timeless looks, you will certainly be pleased with what Ralph Lauren has to offer. The company offers more casual vibe, that nevertheless never fails to impress.


Why wear trendy playsuits!

A jumpsuit is essentially a top sewed to a pair of trousers or shorts. Typically, it has a well-defined waist, too. This piece is great… because it’s so versatile. You can match it with all sorts of overcoats, jackets. No wonder producers always offer womens wholesale playsuits!

Obviously, jumpsuits and rompers come in all lengths and sizes. It’s like with trousers: the taller ladies can get away with the long, flouncy floor-length pieces, and the while more petite women give themselves a margin and end them somewhere above the ankle. And there’s also the matter of varying sleeve length in your womens wholesale playsuits! Long-sleeved jumpsuits look more elegant and classy. If you have thicker arms, you shouldn’t cut them at their fattest point – wear sleeveless rompers or long sleeves.

womens wholesale playsuitsBut what about the design, I hear you ask. Well, I think that a solid color romper or jumpsuit looks great on any woman. Since it’s quite vertical it has the lengthening effect. Add some accessories to liven it up and not look like a single blob of color!

I’ve been advocating the importance of well-fit clothing all my life. The perfect fit is the cornerstone when purchasing any piece of clothing – especially womens wholesale playsuits. An ill-fitting jumpsuit can cause nasty bulges and imperfections! In general, a good rule is to ensure the fabric remains loose and draped while cinching the waist. And if you want to show off your curves… well, a little more tight romper is okay in my book.

You might see jumpsuits as a garment suitable only for a day at the beach or a stroll in the park. But this can also be a very formal piece. You can encounter celebrities who wear jumpsuits on the red carpet – and you can pick such a piece too – made of high-quality satin or silk. It doesn’t also have to be an exclusively summer piece – wear it over a warm shirt and a pair of leggings for the winter… and for great color layering opportunities!

And above everything, remember: Jumpsuits are fun and different. Fashionistas should try different things and take risks! Don’t be afraid to try out a sexy jumpsuit instead of a dress.

We all love jeans and other wholesale trousers

We all love jeans and other wholesale trousers. But we sometimes have to wash them – and they inevitably shrink. So the question is why do they do it? Well, the reason is how denim is made. When the freshly woven cotton denim comes off the loom — it’s quite plastic and easy to stretch. During spinning, dyeing, and weaving, the cotton yarns stretch in length and width. And when the fibers are relaxed in the warm water, they’re restored to the natural length. This is the plague of every jeans lover!

wholesale trousersMany wholesale trousers in the market are already shrunken back to their original size before you bought them — it’s called shrink-to-fit. However, they aren’t as well adjusted as the non-preshrunk. So yes, you might want to buy loom state jeans which will adjust to you or shrink-to-fit jeans.

The jeans are widely available in all sizes thanks to an invention of an American businessman and inventor, Sanford L. Cluett. He had developed an automatic compaction process for the woven fabrics, called ‘sanforization’. The fibers are moist and more packed together, and so denim is less stretchy, but it won’t shrink. Most wholesale trousers are sanforized since sanforization reduces shrinkage significantly and makes finding the right size of jeans for you a lot easier.

Some popular companies producing wholesale trousers, however, are selling organic, loom state jeans, most famously Levi’s 501 shrink-to-fit. This will allow your jeans to organically shrink. If you want a pair of jeans which will shrink for you, you should size up, and choose ones that are bigger by one or two sizes. They will shrink naturally on its own. While the unsanforized denim feels rougher, it also is more unique, and intense. To minimize shrinking of loom state denim, you should wash it in cold water and don’t tumble dry.


Top colors for the spring 2017!

Are you tired of this winter? I sure am! I just want to wear some bright and playful colors of wholesale womens clothing. And I happen to know the main colors which will be the hit when the weather starts to warm. You can use these colors in your outfits to seem trendy and playful.

Vivid Greenery

This vivid, flashy shade of green is more yellowish. It’s very recognizable, and is more reminiscent of a forest. It contrasts nicely with purple and goes well with wholesale womens clothing inother shades of green.

wholesale womens clothingNiagara Blue

This light grayish blue reminding you of light denim looks very casual, and works with nice leather boots or spring jackets. With the relaxed feel it’s perfect for casual loungewear, but also for the office – it’s the perfect off-white color for a shirt or a blouse.Bright, vivid yellows will go well with Niagara.

Primrose Yellow

As the name implies, Primrose reminds you of flowers. It’s happy, joyful and melds well with wholesale womens clothing in deep navy blue.

Lapis Blue

Lapis blue is more vivid blue, somewhere between royal and cerulean. Blues in general are very calming, and this vivid shade of blue won’t be aggravating, even though it will stand out.

Flame Red

Flame red is vibrant red hue with some undershades of orange. As other shades of red, it will catch the eyes of everyone around you. Pair it with other bright hues, or tone it down with soft greens or blues.

Pale Dogwood

This pale, pastel dusty pink is the perfect background color. It’s not as bright as other shades of pink, and so it will give you the sense of maturity. It’s feminine, but not overtly so – and so it works well for men and women who want to soften their images.

Island Paradise

It’s a soft turquoise but with less green undertone. Island Paradise blue reminds me of the sky in the morning. It works perfectly with bright whites and vivid gold or coral; gentle and unobstructive.

Tips fashion designers won’t tell their customers!

For ages, the scarf has been one of the most popular women’s fashion accessories. It’s superbly versatile, can add color and texture to any outfit, and looks and feels very feminine. It’s not a coincidence that most top fashion designers include wholesale scarves in their collections. The longer the scarf, the better, they seem to think. But here are some rules the fashion designers won’t tell their customers!

wholesale scarvesYou don’t have to tie your scarf – you can drape it around your neck to add an extra layer – and look stylish, of course!

Do not flaunt the labels or brand names, they don’t make fashion. You shouldn’t also drop the name brands casually, that’s not what fashion is all about.

You might know about the balance of colors, but also remember the balance of the fabric. Pair the sheer wholesale scarves with lightweight fabrics and the heavier winter scarves with thick blouses and overcoats.

If you’re boyish why not try out a scarf over a bodysuit or other tight clothing. Use the scarf to break the monochromatic outfit. Imagine. Black boots, black leggings, black tunic – and a single colorful scarf… If you have a petite build, don’t wrap yourself in excess fabric – use shorter wholesale scarves to build a nice collection. The same goes if you’re plus sized.

In general, the scarf shouldn’t trail longer than the hem of the top garment. Use knots and ties to control it.

Remember, though to be reasonable with scarves. You shouldn’t add too much weight to the top part of your body – if you’re wearing a necktie, avoid necklaces, large earrings. Big hair is also not meshing well with wholesale scarves – tie it back or tuck it into a hat.

And finally, you should never leave home in a scarf without looking in a full-length mirror. They’re accents to your outfit and can be easily readjusted.