Prepare for the winter with all styles of hats!

We all want to prepare for the winter, and while we pick warm booties, nice thick jeans, and a warm jacket, we shouldn’t forget about smaller accessories – mittens, scarves, and a good winter hat. Women know that the hat is paramount – you want to be beautiful, you want to draw attention to your face. And men more often tend to remember that the hat must be warm, well fitting and practical. Whether you buy hats in retail or wholesale winter hats, you should remember this!

wholesale winter hatsA beanie is probably the most popular winter hat. It’s simple, cheap and reliable, and matches most every outfit – though it might not meld well with a formal winter cloak. A beanie is a knit cap or a seamed cap, often made from triangular sections of woolen fabric sewn together. They come in all colors and sizes – the larger ones are great because they can slouch on your head not unlike a beret.

If you are looking for something more formal, why not choose a regular hat, but made of warm felt? A fedora, trilby, or even a bowler hat could be warm and perfect for winter. In the US many young people choose a retro fedora, while in the UK some return to classic bowler hats. Wholesale winter hats like this are often bought by tailors to match bespoke suits in the winter months. They’re great for formal occasions, but the problem is that they often don’t protect your ears.

A newsboy flat cap is also somewhat retro, but it’s associated with the working class. Its flat brim is connected to a round headpiece, and it usually has a soft silken lining. Some of them can protect your ears, and are baggy enough to wrap long woman’s hair underneath.

Another alternative is the fur hat – some are made of wool or fake fur for the environmentally conscious. Karakul hats come from central Asia and can look great with a fur or sheep lining. Like Russian ushankas, they have special ear flaps to protect your ears and chin from the cold, so they’re great for the real frosts.

There are hundreds of other styles of wholesale winter hats available on the market, so pick one that fits you and your dreams best!

Blondie says: How to rock a sequin skirt!

A sequin skirt is a statement piece, and so it can be difficult to add proper accessories to it. The shoes, handbags, jewelry should not compete with it for attention. The key to proper accessorizing is to understand what accessories work well with sequins and which should be avoided. Not many boutiques carry wholesale skirts with sequins, so it’s automatically a rare piece.

Let’s start with shoes. So, what shoes should match your sequin skirt? Should you pick blatant sequined shoes? Not necessarily. The shoes should not compete with the skirt, but it doesn’t mean that they must be boring. Match them with your top instead, picking a color matching to your shirt or sweater. So, if your skirt is vivid and bold, go with pale top and shoes. If you decide to wear a silver metallic skirt, go with dark heavy shoes, like chunky mary janes. Heels add some extra glamour, if that’s what you want.

wholesale skirtsJewelry is very important when matched with a sequined shirt. Sequins are small, visible detail, so don’t overdo your jewelry. Instead, pick a single or two signature pieces that don’t clash with the outfit – a simple ring, a long necklace. Since sequins sparkle, avoid gemstones in your jewelry. Wear simple metallic bands, or dark ceramic pieces.

A handbag should also be fairly neutral. If you want to keep it more fun, you can pick up a color similar to your sequin skirt, but a shade lighter or darker. Remember not to dominate your outfit. You probably want the skirt to command the attention of the onlookers, and so you don’t want your purse to grab focus. And so, pick a small handbag or a clutch.

You can consider other accessories to wear with a sequin skirt, like tights, boots, belts, scarves, a jacket or hair clips. These accessories also shouldn’t compete with sequins and shouldn’t be shiny and vivid. And don’t overdo it – you don’t want to look overwhelmed by the number of your accessories. Don’t wear a silk scarf, a necklace, and earrings, for example. Pick a couple of your accessories, and put them on with the skirt. If you notice an accessory before the skirt, it is probably overpowering. Anyone who knows her wholesale skirts will tell you that.

How to find good clothes for workout

We all want to work out and look pretty when exercising. It’s hard to look good when sweating, but you can achieve it due to good quality clothes. There are many tracksuits, sweatpants or women joggers wholesale available on the market. But fist you need to consider what materials work better for each activity. Breathability and temperature control are great for working out.

women joggers wholesaleCotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that’s often used to make sweatpants or women joggers wholesale. Cotton is lightweight and cheap, but it does not breathe very well and tends to soak up your sweat. You don’t want to end up with large, ugly sweat stains in your armpits, chest, and back. You also need to remember that cotton shrinks, so remember this when washing it and buy pre-shrunk clothes. Many cotton clothes are available in light gray – which also show sweat stain. If possible, buy pants and tracksuits that don’t show sweat.


Spandex or Lycra is commonly used in workout clothes. It is figure-hugging, expanding, and breathable, so it shows your body and its curves. If you want to lose weight, spandex tracksuit might be perfect for you. Unlike cotton and many synthetics it does not shrink, which is good since you need to wash your athletic clothes daily. Many spandex outfits are available in various, vivid colors. Spandex leggings can be worn outside the gym for casual vibe as well.


Polyester is inexpensive, waterproof, and does not hold moisture like cotton, which makes it popular for sportswear. In particular, it works great as an outer layer, for jackets or waterproof pants. It does not stretch much, so it’s not great for running. Polyester is not as durable and comfortable as other clothes, however, so it’s seldom worn outside the gym. The jackets can be comfortable for outerwear, however.

How to customize wholesale t shirts

There are many ways to customize your wholesale t shirts. You can choose screen printing, transfer paper, plastisol transfer, DTG printers, dye sublimation or plastisol transfers, flocking or other DIY projects. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.

wholesale t shirtsScreen printing is essentially replicating images by pressing paint through a delicate screen. Each color requires a separate screen, however. On the one hand, if you prepare a stencil you can easily replicate it on dozens of T-shirts – but you need many wholesale t-shirts to stay feasible. Screen printing offers high-quality professional paint if you have the specialized machines.

Printing on transfer paper is well-known to many people. For regular people, they can simply print an image on a special paper, and use the iron to press the ink into the cloth. There are however more sophisticated designs. In general, it’s easy to print even complicated designs and multi-colored ones, but they often look cheap. Eventually, the print will crack, fade away or even come off.

Plastisol transfer combines the best elements of these two methods – the image is screen printed on special pieces of paper, and then can be applied to any garment. The inks are the same as used in screen printing, and you can easily transfer the image on any shirt, simply with a cheap heat press.

Many companies decide to purchase a direct to garment printer. It uses special inks that allow it to print on textiles. However, it’s not very effective – slightly slower than your office ink printer. It works great for small orders or when you want to customize different shirts.

A lot of companies employ dye sublimation – it only works on light-colored polyester wholesale t shirts, it can’t work on 100% cotton ones. The transfer does not feel stiff unlike transfer paper ones, but it’s expensive to create. The print is, however, of very high quality, photograph-like and they image does not wash off.

What wholesale shawls can be made of?

Some people say that a shawl is the simplest piece of clothing. It’s just a piece of material that you wrap around your body. They can be triangular, square or rectangular. Often, they’re associated with India and the Central and South Asia. These regions often use specific fabrics to make their famous shawls. If you want to buy retail or wholesale shawls, you should familiarize yourself with the fabrics and their application.


Wool usually comes from sheep, sometimes from other animals like rabbits (angora) or camels or llamas. Wool has a reputation for the harshness but there are many kinds of soft wool. Woolen shawls aren’t that attractive, but they will keep you warm in the harshest winters.

Cashmere and Pashmina Shawls

Cashmere is a kind of wool, but it comes from the undercoat of a specific breed of goat. Not all hair can work for a cashmere shawl, and so they need to be selected and hand woven. Pashmina is a kind of cashmere with even finer and delicate fibers. Shawls made from cashmere are very versatile – soft and delicate and yet very warm in cold weather. Most of the cashmere comes from China, India, and Pakistan, and the craftsmen create beautiful pashmina shawls there. You can’t order wholesale shawls – they’re all hand made.

wholesale shawlsSilk

True silk is obtained from cocoons of silkworms. It’s easily identifiable by its specific sheen and cool touch. Silk shawls can be dyed to a multitude of colors and patterns. China has always been famous for its silk scarves. Silk is breathable and very absorbent and can keep you warm if worn close to the body.


Cotton is probably the most common fabric used in clothing since it’s cheap, lightweight and breathable. A cotton shawl isn’t very exciting but it’s readily available. There are hundreds of wholesale shawl distributors who offer cotton shawls and scarves. Cotton comes from the New World, but it’s currently harvested everywhere.


Linen is woven from fibers of the flax plant. Before cotton, it was very common, especially among commoners in Europe. Linen is very strong, but if the fabric is creased repeatedly in the same area (folded often). It absorbs and releases moisture very quickly, so linen shawls are great for warm weather.

Polyester and synthetic fabrics

Man-made plastic fibers are wrinkle resistant, durable, and dye easily. They’re often used for sportswear, since they don’t absorb sweat. If you’re looking for a scarf for skiing, consider polyester or its blends with wool and cotton.

Hats are the most chic!

Hats are quite chic. I think they’re one of the most stylish accessories to wear during the winter – especially when coupled together with a beautiful silk scarf. You’ll be most likely pairing your hat with a coat, sweater or a cardigan, and/or a scarf. There are so many items to coordinate, so you don’t have to purchase just a single hat! You might just as well get numerous hats wholesale.

hats wholesaleIf you decide to buy a single hat, after all, you need to pick a solid generic color and style that will fit many winter pieces in your wardrobe. Many women choose black hats for winter, but dark burgundy reds or vivid violets also seem to be popular. If you want to purchase two hats, ensure wide variety. Get one darker and one vivid one to add a dash of color to your winter outfits. This way you’ll have more outfit options.

A great color for winter hats is bright red. Such hats can change your otherwise drab winter look into something quite vivid. Red is also associated with the holiday season… so you can add some green for that winter vacation look. Wear a red hat to a holiday party to spice up an outfit or just wear with your everyday outfit. Remember, you don’t need any fancy occasion just to wear a hat.

But what about styles? Don’t go with hats wholesale found in the local warehouses! Well, some women go with a classic beanie. Some add some embellishments like embroidered patterns, bubbles. Some beanies are even two-sided. Add a pom-pom on the top to have a fun bobble hat. Men like the so-called ushankas or trapper hats, but women can also enjoy these hats with ears. Regular styles of hats like a fedora or Borsalino can be made of warm felt which makes them perfect for winter. Women can also benefit from tall, glamorous fur hats – but some might discover that a Cossack hat dwarfs them.

How to survive harsh winters

wholesale coatsWinter is annoying, and there are even places where it can kill. Many areas are constantly susceptible to icy winds, frost, and ice – there, retailers make a living selling wholesale coats all year round. In many areas people just want to stay indoors as much as possible – but not all of us should be so lucky. Besides, it’s cowardice to hide from the cold. Of course, you need to prepare for winter. Anyone experienced with cold weather knows that dressing in layers is better than even the most insulating outfit. Always wear at least two layers of clothing – and this includes gloves and socks! I wear a thin pair of gloves under a pair of thermal, thicker ones. Remember to consider sizes – for the outermost layer, you could choose a jacket that’s a size or two bigger than what you normally wear! Look at wholesale coats if you can’t find a size this big.

Cover your head – you sometimes might even need two layers. I personally wear a beanie and a chunky headset as earmuffs. If it gets really cold I wear a snood that can also cover my mouth or a scarf. And the hood of my jacket protects me from the winter and rain, forming the second layer. In fact, instead of fur-lined arctic jacket, you can invest in a nylon-covered one, which will be snow and rain-proof. Wear a thin but heavy sweatshirt underneath, and indoor clothes inside, including another hoodie and a T-shirt – so four layers. Tuck your clothes in your pants! Speaking of pants, wear layers – thermal underwear, maybe a thin pair of sweatpants under your jeans.

Remember to keep warm before keeping fashionable. Carry a thermos of coffee, tea or cocoa with you. When I leave for work, I take a small thermos of hot tea to carry me through when commuting, and before I leave the office I refill the thermos. If you feel cold, get indoors to a store or cafe, rest for a while and have a warm drink.

Prepare your wardrobe for winter months

December is coming. The days get shorter, frost appears and the nights are darker. It’s dark when I wake up and it’s dark when I get home from work. Luckily, there are some safe and sure ways to prepare your wardrobe for the winter months, from pajamas to wholesale hats!

Wear pyjamas

I used to crank the heating up in the winter. It was psychological – this way, I found it easier to crawl out of warm bed to a dark room if it’s also warm. The downside: higher heating bills. So I tried wearing a pair of pajamas and it works like a charm. If they are made of light and breathable fabric, they won’t hinder you – and they will look quite sexy!

Mix and match your clothes

Let’s be frank for a moment – while winter clothes can be quite fashionable their purpose is to keep you warm. So who cares about matching clothes? Get a big bulky jacket, and if it’s super cold, wear an overcoat under it. Get warm woolen wholesale hats and match them with long infinity scarves. No one cares since they will be also freezing!

wholesale hatsPut on warm boots

Well, obviously. Invest in a good pair of fur-lined boots, and consider the warmth and comfort. And if they’re still not warm enough, wear a pair or even two pairs of chunky, wooly socks under too! For women, high-heeled and long knee-high warm boots can be very sexy… and if you are wearing large chunky boots no one will care anyway. Remember, though, that even though you might pick up a sexy pair of shoes, you need them to not be slippery!

Look at the sizes

Christmas dinner, traditional New Year’s party… And in many cultures, traditional winter food is quite fattening. Stews, pies, soups, baked potatoes… and also consider that you have fewer opportunities to burn calories outdoors! So well, look at your waistline and monitor your clothes size.

How to be a true fashionista…

I honestly see fashion as a form of art. It’s a way of self-expression, but as any skill, it must be trained. To be a true fashionista, you need to stay up on the current fashion trends and always be ready to present your stylish wardrobe, from fancy suits to wholesale women’s winter caps. Fashion is all around us and the true fashionista is ready to read, watch and learn new things about the world. I see the world as my canvas – and I try to be inspired by all forms of art, from music, fine art or literature to the works of other designers. Even simple wholesale women’s winter caps can inspire you to create a great outfit.

wholesale women's winter capsSo I follow the current trends. I hate celebrity gossip, but I need to check it once in awhile. I want to know who to pattern myself on. Of course, I do not copy their look wholesale; I just need to know what trends are coming.and which need to be avoided. I also check out social media like Pinterest and Instagram – I save things I like and I base my own personal style on them. And I can have the whole world of fashion in my cell phone.

But, of course, following trends does not make a fashionista. In fact, you shouldn’t “follow” trends, you should be creating them! By the time you figure out what’s trendy and start following other people, so will millions of others. You need to stand out bravely and have your own style – and yes, this isn’t easy. Start building your personal style wardrobe upon solid essentials, like neutral colored dresses, elegant cardigans or sexy shirts; mix and match them to create stylish basics you will later customize with accessories.

Jewelry, wholesale women’s winter caps, elegant necklaces or bracelets can completely change the same item in a wardrobe. The cheap blouse can be transformed into an elegant top with a simple silver necklace or into a party piece with a set of colorful bracelets.

How to use a push-up bra?

A lot of ladies would like to know how do you wear a push-up bra. A push-up bra has special padding which optically pushes the breasts upward, providing support and making your cleavage look optically larger under the blouses wholesale. It can be very impressive on men (and some other ladies), and boost your self-confidence.

blouses wholesaleA new push-up bra needs to be well-fitted. Start by determining your breast size – measure your band size under the bust, rounding it up to the next even number, then measure it over the bust. Subtract the band size from your bust size – 1 inch of difference means an A cup, 2 inches – B cup, etc. Remember that this is not an exact measurement, though!

Determine the structure of your push-up bra. Most have some kind of padding, some use underwire for lift, and many use both. There are even some that use silicone gel or water to give you a very realistic shape and feel. Decide whether you want to increase your size or lift – try on various bras to determine which kind works for your body shape. Choose what shape your cleavage will have – demi cups and plunging neckline bras are great for low cut blouses wholesale, for example. For everyday wear, you probably want to reveal the cleavage a little bit, so wear the bra with V-neck shirts or sweaters.

Remember though that the bra should look natural, and the cups aren’t too stiff with padding. Don’t look like you’ve been blown up, and so you want to have a seamless bra that looks smooth under your clothes. They work best when people don’t know that you’re wearing one. This means you can go easily on decorations like lace and beads with your push-ups. And bear in mind that the push-ups can be uncomfortable, tighter than regular ones – so avoid wearing them constantly.