Enter the world of greys… for the autumn

Fall brings out the new look in every woman. Sometimes, we want to go back to basics to reduce our wardrobe to some essential elements and colors. The key to the fashion is a neutral palette. Instead of choosing autumn warm oranges, you can go with the most neutral color applicable – grey.

A cozy grey sweelan-1623085_640ater is perfect for these cool autumn mornings. It should have a pleasant sweatshirt texture, and contrast nicely with the bottom – lighter if the pants are darker and tighter if they’re baggy. You can choose from a variety of styles, like a turtleneck, soft cashmere or V-necked. Invest in a good sweater and you’ll be able to wear it on multiple occasions.

A cardigan is a kind of sweater that’s worn like a blazer or a suit jacket – buttoned upfront. Unlike the simple pullover sweaters, it won’t mess up a lady’s suit! And a gray cardigan is perfect for this fall. Buttons can make your silhouette look more vertical, and if you add ribbed trims you can make it look very flattering. A cardigan is professional enough to be worn to the office and casual enough to just be thrown on top of a dress before you leave to meet with the friends. What more could you ask for?

How about a grey scarf? I know, I know. A scarf is an accessory, and shouldn’t be neutral – but it could actually match a more vivid outerwear, to balance a colorful, florid jacket or a funny hat. And of course, it keeps your neck warm in the fall winds. Wool, cotton, silk, or cashmere, there are plenty of scarves. You can even buy some scarves wholesale.

And of course,  you can go the opposite way and pick a grey, granite-toned dress, on which you could build more potent combinations. A grey dress is in essence one block of neutral color, virtually asking to be customized – and it’s very appropriate for serious formal events!