T-shirts, the most stylish solution

t shirt wholesaleIf you’re like me, your default costume consists of a pair of well-worn jeans and a simple T-shirt. And for most of the time, it’s enough! In fact, you can be very stylish if you want to wear your graphic t-shirt in unusual, unconventional ways. A t shirt wholesale is something any retailer knows will be bought.

For starters, toss a blazer or a fancy suit jacket over it. It will look semi-casual. It should fit you well and impose some sort of structure on your silhouette. You can tuck the tee in your pants if you want something less casual – while still displaying the amusing picture on your chest.

You can also pair the T-shirt with a pair of high-waisted shorts. They will optically lengthen your legs. Since the high waisted shorts also seem more formal, you can mix funny, colorful T-shirts with darker shorts!

Another way you can make your shirt more elegant is tucking it into a floral skirt. It will keep the skirt from looking too girly, so maybe wear a T-shirt with your favorite dark metal power group? This will work great for school – and if you add leggings and boots, you could rock this look during the fall. A t shirt wholesale is a great solution for school uniform, parents associations!

Accessorize this shirt! Since they’re the most casual, you can use fancy accessories to dress them up – pair them with a glossy leather handbag or mile-high heels, or a chic pair of oversized sunglasses!

Remember the golden rule – invert proportions. If your shirt is slightly oversized, try wearing it over a pair of leggings with large, loose earrings. If it’s tight, try pairing it with a flowy skirt or a looser baggy pair of pants. This also concerns colors – white and gray tees look better with dark denim, while blue and navy will fit khaki better.

And of course, you can easily customize your T-shirt. Wear one that shows your favorite band, book or TV show! If you can’t find one that shows it, design it yourself or get a professional to do it.

Can you iron shirts and tees?

cheap t-shirts wholesaleI think that outside some clothes made of space-age polymers the shirts are the hardest item of clothing to properly iron. Many people actually prefer to order them ironed because it’s very difficult. But sometimes you need to know how to do it yourself, especially before that big date. This advice work both for dressy shirts or cheap t-shirts wholesale!

When your shirt is dried, shake it out, smooth it with your hands, and hang it on the hanger. You can lightly spray it with some starch if you have it. Button the top button. In the meantime, fill the iron, preferably with distilled or bottled water to avoid clogging. Allow it to heat up to the proper temperature. Protip: use the dial, the instructions on the shirt’s tag to determine the correct heat level.

Start by ironing the collar – iron it flat, inward to the back of the neck. Flip the shirt and do the same for the underside of the collar. Then iron the shoulders – let the arms hang from the sides of the board and iron the back and shoulders, then iron the arms from the both sides. Turn the shirt to iron the back both from the inside and the outside of the shirt. Iron the sleeves, preferably in one fluid movement. Do it both in front and in the back. If your shirt has long sleeves, iron the cuffs as well. Do not fold them! You don’t have the money to burn, even on cheap t-shirts wholesale.

And next, the hardest part – toss the shirt on the board so that the side with the buttons is on top, and maneuver your iron so as to avoid the button. Next, flatten out any other creases on the other part of the shirt. Do the same with the buttonhole side. Then, the shirt should be ready, and you can hang it on the hanger or fold it.

T-shirts are even simpler to iron. Don’t fold them, don’t stretch them out, simply smooth out the wrinkles. However, you should not make “circles” or “arcs”. Instead, “stomp”. Put the iron in a single place and smooth it even.

Congratulations, your shirts are now ironed!

Skin tones – part II

wholesale women's sweatersRecently we talked about colors and skin tones, and I presented the four seasons. I hope you can remember this – this will all be on a test. Because today is time for the second lesson. I hope you have the past blog post ready because now I will be talking on how to match clothes and makeup to your skin tone.

Some colors look equally good for everyone, regardless of their skin tone or season. You can always work bright red, pale pink, dark purple and teal into your wardrobe. However, some clothes match some tones better than others. Don’t get locked into a certain set of clothes; remember to add spice and variety to your wardrobe once in a while. Get wholesale women’s sweaters for the summer or light tees for winter. And if you’re a neutral tone, many people will say something like “I’m a winter in the winter, and spring during the rest of the year” – this means you’re very lucky, but need to carefully plan your wardrobe.

If you’re a Summer, you can try wearing clothes in lilac and pale blue, and pastels or soft neutrals (beige, gray) with some rose undertones. In general, focus on softer pastels than vibrant hues. Winters should wear clothes with blue or pink undertones, or sharp colors like white, black and navy blue. Springs should choose earthy, yellow and orange undertones, like peach, ochre, and corals. And Autumns – deep, warm colors like coffee, caramels, beige, tomato red and green. So these wholesale women’s sweaters should be in the color best matched to your appearance.

This concerns your jewelry choices. If you studied hard, you might remember that gold works better for warm tones, and silver for cool ones. Summers should wear silver and white gold, winters should pick silver and platinum. Warmer tones prefer gold – and autumns can work wonders with gold, bronze or copper. That’s not a strict rule, though. A delicate silver chain with a large, brown amber could work for autumns, for example.

cowgirl-1200279_1920Your makeup depends more on your skin color, whether you’re fair or dark skinned. If your skin can be described as “alabaster”, you’ll look great in soft pink, tawny or beige tones, but you want to avoid bright reds or grays. Bright red lipstick on a pale skin can create a very dramatic look – if you want to avoid this, use nude and peach lipsticks. If your skin is a bit more pinkish but still fair, you can add yellow, pearlescent tones and gold flecks to this.

If your skin is medium-dark, the exact colors can depend on your ethnicity and background, but you’re very versatile and can withstand both bright neon colors and understated pastels. Very dark skin can require rich, metallic hues like copper and bronze – and complemented with berry tones on cheeks and lips.

Finally, you can even dye your hair, whether to contrast your phenotype with the color or underline it more. Changing your hairdo and its hue can help you refresh your complexion. Warm-toned skin with yellow-gold undertones might look better with deep brown shades or coppery reds. Cool-toned skin can work great with intense colors like brown, red or very vivid blonde. And if you find your complexion to be more reddish, balance it with beige, honey, and golden hues.

Don’t add stereotypes to your skin tone and warmth – just be yourself and enjoy your appearance. Pick your wholesale women’s sweaters wisely – they need to fit your beauty.

Guide to skin tones and colors

Before you buy that new piece of clothing, an expensive wedding dress, wholesale women’s sweaters or some other treasured garment, it’s best to know how to choose clothes that would flatter your skin tone. Some complexions lend themselves well to certain color combinations. This article will help you determine your skin tone and how to choose clothes, accessories, and hairstyle to match your personal appearance.

wholesale women's sweatersThe skin tones

Sure, we all come in all colors and shapes, there are many skin colors. But there are only two basic types of skin tone: warm and cool. Warm complexions mean yellow undertones, while cool complexions – pink undertones (or highlights). While your skin might grow lighter or darker depending on your tan, your skin tone will remain constant. In general, the cooler complexions get sunburnt easily, while the warm ones get a tan. If you remember getting sunburnt all too often, you are probably a Summer or Winter, and will feel better in wholesale women’s sweaters than in fancy bikini.

You might not be able to exactly tell what skin tone do you have just by examining your skin tone, look at your veins. If you can see the veins under your wrists and elbows, you can also guess – if they’re olive or greenish, you’re warm-toned. If they’re more bluish, you’re cool tones. And if you think that they’re a mix of two colors, you’re neutral-toned. Gold works better for warm-toned ladies, while the cool-toned ones prefer silver.

Another helpful test is the “white paper test”. Hold a piece of clean white paper up to your throat and chest and focus on the skin there: don’t use your face because it’s typically redder than the rest of your body. How would you describe the tones juxtaposed against the white paper? If they’re blues and pinks, this means you have cool toned skin. Green and gold – warm toned. And the fluctuation for neutrals can vary depending on the time of year and sun exposure. The rare neutrals can pretty much wear whatever they want, like wholesale women’s sweaters.

wholesale women's sweatersAre you a Winter?

While there are two basic tones, there are also two subdivisions. They’re a bit confusing; summer and winter are cool tones, while spring and fall are warm tones. What’s the diff between summers and winters? Well, with winters skin contrasts sharply with their hair and eye color. Associate the winter look with the Snow White fairy tale – pale skin and black hair. Summers’ skin is less contrasting, with gentle contrast – a more soft, ashy, cool contrast. A brown-haired, blushing librarian is the archetypal Summer.

The two warm tones differ more with skin tones. If your skin has golden, creamy and peachy undertones during the white paper test, you’re a Spring. Anne of Green Gables or Pippi Longstocking are Springs – freckles, rosy cheeks, bright, often red, hair, and blue or green eyes. Non-Caucasian Springs tend to have clear and lighter eyes than typical for their background. Autumns’ skin, on the other hand, is more golden, warm and yellow. Deep and warm skin with olive and dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. Many natural red-heads are also Autumns and quite a lot non-white ladies.

How to behave on a fashion show

leggings wholesaleWe all want to watch the trends, or even better, shape the trends. I’m just Clara, the blonde fashion blogger, but I, too, dream of the day when I’m invited to a top trendy fashion show. Can you imagine this, sitting just a reach away from supermodels in gorgeous creations? And I might be confused, but I did my research and learned how to behave during such an event. This is a celebration of beauty and glamour so I would also have to blend in with the glitterati. Here are some tips I found on proper fashion show etiquette – but note that I haven’t checked them myself!

Don’t wear shades indoors. Sure, the popular image of a fashionista is an impeccably dressed former model with coiffed hair, sipping a latte, wearing dark sunglasses… but what kind of chump wears sunglasses indoors? And yes, this is a public event, there are bright lights, there are camera flashes… but this doesn’t justify wearing shades indoors. And usually at night. If you want to look foolish wear them on your head, but just leave them at home.

leggings wholesale

Show proper respect. This also goes without saying. If you constantly chat with your friends you might be distracting for real fashion icons who want to say something. Be cool – if you see a celebrity, don’t immediately jump her asking her to autograph your belly. I think you could thank your idols for what they did to you, but don’t come up as another looney fan! Admire the scenery, the beautiful creations, meet new people, try to determine how to involve the designs in your collection of leggings wholesale, but don’t behave like a kid in a candy store.

And speaking of candy… eat beforehand. There’s no open buffet there, maybe some snacks. I’d joke about starved models, but honestly, a bar or a buffet is just another distraction. So well, have a lunch before setting to the fashion show. Imagine your stomach rumbling in the crucial moment…

And of course dress well – you don’t want to outdo the models, but it’s still not the best idea to come to a fashion show in leggings wholesale.

Smart casual!

When we talk about “smart casual” I think of more or less “stylish casual”. Don’t know why, but my favorite stylish casual icon was not one of the high-profile celebs like the current Kim Kardashian… it wwholesale women bootsas Daphne from Scooby-Doo! Smart casual means casual clothes that are a bit more fancy, neat and fashionable – and Daphne was always the role model for that for me!

This style balances professionalism, elegance, and fashion. Your bottoms need to be comfortable, but smart looking. You need to pull through a professional, but casual look. So a skirt should be above all comfortable, and in non-controversial colors. It should be more business appropriate (knee-covering). Unlike in business casual, smart casual can, however, rock a pair of dark wash jeans. And indeed, some more vivid colors are acceptable: dark greens, navy blues etc.

Pair the bottom with the appropriate top. If your bottom is dressier, the top can be more casual (but stay away from T-shirts!). If your bottom is more casual, dress up the outfit with a sleeker top, like a buttoned-down shirt, a dressy blouse or a comfortable blazer. And the top can stabilize the outfit with colors – if you wear a pair of dark jeans, toss a lighter gray suit jacket on top of a white shirt, for instance! Don’t use sneakers, if you must, pick wholesale women boots.

A great article of clothing you might choose is a blazer. It is more professional, but a softer top like a ruffled shirt can make it more casual. If you want to look even more dashing, consider having your top fitted. Tailored clothes make your outfit look a bit more put together, while your other clothes will provide the “casual” aspect.

Finally, choose appropriate shoes. They should be dressy – but comfortable. I’d stay away from high heels, instead choosing a nice pair of pumps. Don’t expose your toes or sides of sole. On the plus side, if they will go with the rest of the outfit, these shoes can certainly be colored and patterned. If you want to, choose wholesale women boots.

Everyone loves polka dots!

ladies blazers wholesaleEveryone loves polka dots! And if you don’t, you’re probably a humorless cartoon supervillain. Polka dots are bold and visible, and they can add whimsy – or elegance to any outfit. This bold print should be the main point of your outfit, and so you should pick accessories to it very carefully! They can help you accentuate the dress and wisely use the repetitive dots of the pattern.

Everything in proper accessorizing depends on your color scheme. If your polka dot dress is black and white, try black and white accessories for that monochromatic outfit (well, that would be bichromatic but you know what I mean). However, you can also break the monotony with bright, colorful accessories. Contrast your black or gray shirt with vivid reds, greens or a hot pink shawl or toss ladies blazers wholesale to toughen it up. In general, reds and pink liven up black and white patterns, purples go well with browns and yellow accents with navy dresses. And conversely, if you’re wearing a very bright, colorful polka dot, pair it with more toned down accessories. Choose their patterns wisely – if you mix patterns, remember not to overwhelm your outfit. The striped sweater should have very small stripes – or blocky, large ones.

ladies blazers wholesaleYou can easily spruce up your polka dot dress by wearing jewelry. Don’t go overboard with it, because the focal point should be your dress. I personally favor pearls, because well, they look like the dots on your dress. Another great accessory would be shoes – and pick ones that are preferably solid colored and aren’t distracting. Your polka dot dress would look great with any kind of footwear, depending on the weather. And speaking of weather, in a winter day feel free to toss on a cardigan or a leather jacket. If you want a more sensible look, choose ladies blazers wholesale.

A polka dot dress looks good with a hat – a wide sun hat for the summer or a warm beret will give you that fun, warm look. You could try other hair decks, like ribbons, headbands, hair clips or other scrunchies. You can match them with a belt to show your waist or a blocky, solid-colored scarf.

Do you want to rock the suspenders?

large man belly in wholesale men's trousers Suspenders might seem a bit outdated these days, but, nevertheless, they are seen as very practical and professional. They move the support to your shoulders so they might be more convenient for you. If you can’t find a good belt you can easily rely on suspenders. Especially if the local retailers don’t have trousers your size and need to order wholesale men’s trousers in larger sizes just for you.

There are two basic suspenders styles – x and y-back suspenders. The first provide better support because they can be spaced wider or narrower, but both sides are adjustable. In general, the suspenders with button fasteners are better and more professional, but few off-the-rack trousers these days come with button holes. That’s why you need suspenders with metal clips or clamps – though they can damage the waist of your trousers. That’s why you need to buy more trousers – wholesale men’s trousers even.

If you want to put the suspenders on, attach the back to the back of your trousers before you put them on. Criss-cross the X-back suspenders, toss them over your shoulder so that they go straight down your chest. Then adjust them if needed, and clasp them to the front of your trousers.

Suspenders shouldn’t be seen – you should hide them under the jacket. The image of the police chief in shirt and suspenders, shouting at the detective means that he’s tired and he took off his jacket. You need to do it only if you’re casual as well. Alternatively, you could match patterned suspenders with a shirt and light trousers. But suspenders don’t have to be office wear – you could match them with rugged, durable pants like jeans or corduroys, not tuck your shirt and match it with sneakers, for that old school cool.

And women with suspenders could combine them with pantsuit to appear tough and professional… or with rugged jeans and sneakers! Women can safely wear suspenders with a skirt as well for that feminine look. And since suspenders don’t meld well with female wardrobe, you can soften it with feminine accessories.


Wholesale sweatpants for women

wholesale sweatpants for women

I’ve talked a lot about matching sweatpants to the outfit, and the best way to match your sweatpants to any outfit is not to wear them! But well, you could rock the similar pants like treggings or jeggings, and elegant slim fitting pants, so why not talk about fashionable wholesale sweatpants for women. Sweatpants-style pants have a great edge – they are cropped, so your shoes are inevitably going to work. If you want to match them with black pumps, stilettos or heeled sandals – go ahead. Regular use might work with sneakers, chucks or booties. But don’t wear uggs or flip-flops, they just seem shlubby!

If you want to add accessories to your outfit, keep it simple. You’re not assembling an eveningwear set. Add one or two accessories, like a colorful shoe, a patterned clutch purse, a large bracelet or massive watch, but don’t go overboard with big earrings, multiple necklaces. Depending on your needs, you could rock a large handbag, a backpack or a tote bag when running errands.

And you need to style your hair and add some subtle hints like makeup. The problem with wholesale sweatpants for women is that they scream clubbiness. So you need to carefully style your hair to avoid the feeling like you just rolled out of bed – use a large curling iron to make chic waves, or pull your hair back in a sleek pony. Examine your face, and put on a decent makeup, that will scream you’re fashionable – add bold red lipstick or another color that suits your carnation. You don’t want to be seen like a slob, so be fierce instead!

Fashion is all about contrasts. Sweatpants are “lazy”, so mix them with high-fashion pieces, treating them as if they were a nice pair of trousers. Tuck a nice shirt into them, add some high shiny heels, or just use fake leather sweatpants with stilettos. And if you just want to go casual, toss on a leather jacket or a graphic tee.

In my opinion, wholesale sweatpants for women should never be worn outside the gym – but you won’t get ahead in the fashion world if you keep sticking to the rules!

Suits for work or wholesale brassieres?

wear wholesale brassieresIf you’re like me, you probably wear a business pantsuit once per year, for job interviews. Way too many women buy off-the-rack business pantsuits, from $59.99 to even $599.99. What’s the point of investing your money in a suit you’ll wear once in a blue moon? Many women who work in less formal professions, outside of banking, or in ones that don’t require contact with customers. If you’re not a banker, lawyer, government employee you might even not wear a suit in your life. And even then, few employers want to provide the employees with elegant new suits, not to mention wholesale brassieres for the ladies.

Either way, apart from these wholesale brassieres, you will need a suit for job interviews. Buy the best one you can afford in dark, conservative colors, like navy or gray. This suit is very professional and will work for presentation and any various special events. You might desire more softness in your wardrobe. Always have a collection of matching blouses, preferably made from natural fibers, except for rayon or microfiber. Can a woman wear a tie to her suit? Well, there’s little supply of ties for women, but they can be an interesting addition to the feminine wardrobe. If you’re wearing a blazer, maybe it’s too much, and some might have unnecessary thoughts about your personal life.

wholesale brassieresA great strength of women is that they can easily mix and match their suit pieces, or use them as separates. A woman can soften her tough pinstripe suit with a warm blazer instead of her suit jacket, or replace the fitting blouse with a loose shirt or even a T-shirt worn over various wholesale brassieres. Remember, however, to match them with patterns and colors.

And finally, you should have your clothes properly tailored. If you buy a suit off the rack, it won’t look professional without a good tailor matching it to your body.