Four basic body types

Broad shoulders can be very attractive
Broad shoulders can be very attractive

People are available in all shapes and sizes – which is why buying the right clothes is a task that requires a lot more than just grabbing something that looks nice from the store shelves. If you want to look good, make sure that your clothes suit your body type. And for that we have prepared a short guide to body shapes and how to accommodate them in your wardrobe.

The Apple

The Apple is a bit of “mannish” silhouette: the upper body is larger, heavier than the lower body, with a thick waist. But don’t despair – you’re a strong, tough girl with pretty legs! And so you want to draw more attention to your legs and butt, and probably you want leggings, skirts and form fitting pants – and conversely, you want to wear flowy, long sleeved tops and loose blouses.

The Pear

The Pear means full hips, large thighs and not very well developed upper body. And this means you don’t want to wear short skirts and dresses. You want to draw attention away from your hefty hips, and thighs. Avoid printed bottoms.

The Rectangle

You feel square, with a wide waist the same width as your shoulders and hips. And if you have no curves, you can create an illusion of it. You can emphasize your waist with a belt, use ruffles, frills, add some volume, texture, and some femininity. Avoid loose clothes and baggy jeans.

The Hourglass

This is the very feminine silhouette – wide bust, hip measure and a narrow waist. You want to draw attention to your curves, and your chest and butt to make them look more elegant. Some would say that this everything would look good on you. You could embrace the cute look, as defined on this blog:

In general, choosing the right clothes could be easy once you know your build. But you will sooner or later learn what’s right for you. A good exterior is great, but you need to discover inner self.

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