Guide to skin tones and colors

Before you buy that new piece of clothing, an expensive wedding dress, wholesale women’s sweaters or some other treasured garment, it’s best to know how to choose clothes that would flatter your skin tone. Some complexions lend themselves well to certain color combinations. This article will help you determine your skin tone and how to choose clothes, accessories, and hairstyle to match your personal appearance.

wholesale women's sweatersThe skin tones

Sure, we all come in all colors and shapes, there are many skin colors. But there are only two basic types of skin tone: warm and cool. Warm complexions mean yellow undertones, while cool complexions – pink undertones (or highlights). While your skin might grow lighter or darker depending on your tan, your skin tone will remain constant. In general, the cooler complexions get sunburnt easily, while the warm ones get a tan. If you remember getting sunburnt all too often, you are probably a Summer or Winter, and will feel better in wholesale women’s sweaters than in fancy bikini.

You might not be able to exactly tell what skin tone do you have just by examining your skin tone, look at your veins. If you can see the veins under your wrists and elbows, you can also guess – if they’re olive or greenish, you’re warm-toned. If they’re more bluish, you’re cool tones. And if you think that they’re a mix of two colors, you’re neutral-toned. Gold works better for warm-toned ladies, while the cool-toned ones prefer silver.

Another helpful test is the “white paper test”. Hold a piece of clean white paper up to your throat and chest and focus on the skin there: don’t use your face because it’s typically redder than the rest of your body. How would you describe the tones juxtaposed against the white paper? If they’re blues and pinks, this means you have cool toned skin. Green and gold – warm toned. And the fluctuation for neutrals can vary depending on the time of year and sun exposure. The rare neutrals can pretty much wear whatever they want, like wholesale women’s sweaters.

wholesale women's sweatersAre you a Winter?

While there are two basic tones, there are also two subdivisions. They’re a bit confusing; summer and winter are cool tones, while spring and fall are warm tones. What’s the diff between summers and winters? Well, with winters skin contrasts sharply with their hair and eye color. Associate the winter look with the Snow White fairy tale – pale skin and black hair. Summers’ skin is less contrasting, with gentle contrast – a more soft, ashy, cool contrast. A brown-haired, blushing librarian is the archetypal Summer.

The two warm tones differ more with skin tones. If your skin has golden, creamy and peachy undertones during the white paper test, you’re a Spring. Anne of Green Gables or Pippi Longstocking are Springs – freckles, rosy cheeks, bright, often red, hair, and blue or green eyes. Non-Caucasian Springs tend to have clear and lighter eyes than typical for their background. Autumns’ skin, on the other hand, is more golden, warm and yellow. Deep and warm skin with olive and dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. Many natural red-heads are also Autumns and quite a lot non-white ladies.

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