How to survive harsh winters

wholesale coatsWinter is annoying, and there are even places where it can kill. Many areas are constantly susceptible to icy winds, frost, and ice – there, retailers make a living selling wholesale coats all year round. In many areas people just want to stay indoors as much as possible – but not all of us should be so lucky. Besides, it’s cowardice to hide from the cold. Of course, you need to prepare for winter. Anyone experienced with cold weather knows that dressing in layers is better than even the most insulating outfit. Always wear at least two layers of clothing – and this includes gloves and socks! I wear a thin pair of gloves under a pair of thermal, thicker ones. Remember to consider sizes – for the outermost layer, you could choose a jacket that’s a size or two bigger than what you normally wear! Look at wholesale coats if you can’t find a size this big.

Cover your head – you sometimes might even need two layers. I personally wear a beanie and a chunky headset as earmuffs. If it gets really cold I wear a snood that can also cover my mouth or a scarf. And the hood of my jacket protects me from the winter and rain, forming the second layer. In fact, instead of fur-lined arctic jacket, you can invest in a nylon-covered one, which will be snow and rain-proof. Wear a thin but heavy sweatshirt underneath, and indoor clothes inside, including another hoodie and a T-shirt – so four layers. Tuck your clothes in your pants! Speaking of pants, wear layers – thermal underwear, maybe a thin pair of sweatpants under your jeans.

Remember to keep warm before keeping fashionable. Carry a thermos of coffee, tea or cocoa with you. When I leave for work, I take a small thermos of hot tea to carry me through when commuting, and before I leave the office I refill the thermos. If you feel cold, get indoors to a store or cafe, rest for a while and have a warm drink.

Prepare your wardrobe for winter months

December is coming. The days get shorter, frost appears and the nights are darker. It’s dark when I wake up and it’s dark when I get home from work. Luckily, there are some safe and sure ways to prepare your wardrobe for the winter months, from pajamas to wholesale hats!

Wear pyjamas

I used to crank the heating up in the winter. It was psychological – this way, I found it easier to crawl out of warm bed to a dark room if it’s also warm. The downside: higher heating bills. So I tried wearing a pair of pajamas and it works like a charm. If they are made of light and breathable fabric, they won’t hinder you – and they will look quite sexy!

Mix and match your clothes

Let’s be frank for a moment – while winter clothes can be quite fashionable their purpose is to keep you warm. So who cares about matching clothes? Get a big bulky jacket, and if it’s super cold, wear an overcoat under it. Get warm woolen wholesale hats and match them with long infinity scarves. No one cares since they will be also freezing!

wholesale hatsPut on warm boots

Well, obviously. Invest in a good pair of fur-lined boots, and consider the warmth and comfort. And if they’re still not warm enough, wear a pair or even two pairs of chunky, wooly socks under too! For women, high-heeled and long knee-high warm boots can be very sexy… and if you are wearing large chunky boots no one will care anyway. Remember, though, that even though you might pick up a sexy pair of shoes, you need them to not be slippery!

Look at the sizes

Christmas dinner, traditional New Year’s party… And in many cultures, traditional winter food is quite fattening. Stews, pies, soups, baked potatoes… and also consider that you have fewer opportunities to burn calories outdoors! So well, look at your waistline and monitor your clothes size.

How to be a true fashionista…

I honestly see fashion as a form of art. It’s a way of self-expression, but as any skill, it must be trained. To be a true fashionista, you need to stay up on the current fashion trends and always be ready to present your stylish wardrobe, from fancy suits to wholesale women’s winter caps. Fashion is all around us and the true fashionista is ready to read, watch and learn new things about the world. I see the world as my canvas – and I try to be inspired by all forms of art, from music, fine art or literature to the works of other designers. Even simple wholesale women’s winter caps can inspire you to create a great outfit.

wholesale women's winter capsSo I follow the current trends. I hate celebrity gossip, but I need to check it once in awhile. I want to know who to pattern myself on. Of course, I do not copy their look wholesale; I just need to know what trends are coming.and which need to be avoided. I also check out social media like Pinterest and Instagram – I save things I like and I base my own personal style on them. And I can have the whole world of fashion in my cell phone.

But, of course, following trends does not make a fashionista. In fact, you shouldn’t “follow” trends, you should be creating them! By the time you figure out what’s trendy and start following other people, so will millions of others. You need to stand out bravely and have your own style – and yes, this isn’t easy. Start building your personal style wardrobe upon solid essentials, like neutral colored dresses, elegant cardigans or sexy shirts; mix and match them to create stylish basics you will later customize with accessories.

Jewelry, wholesale women’s winter caps, elegant necklaces or bracelets can completely change the same item in a wardrobe. The cheap blouse can be transformed into an elegant top with a simple silver necklace or into a party piece with a set of colorful bracelets.

How to use a push-up bra?

A lot of ladies would like to know how do you wear a push-up bra. A push-up bra has special padding which optically pushes the breasts upward, providing support and making your cleavage look optically larger under the blouses wholesale. It can be very impressive on men (and some other ladies), and boost your self-confidence.

blouses wholesaleA new push-up bra needs to be well-fitted. Start by determining your breast size – measure your band size under the bust, rounding it up to the next even number, then measure it over the bust. Subtract the band size from your bust size – 1 inch of difference means an A cup, 2 inches – B cup, etc. Remember that this is not an exact measurement, though!

Determine the structure of your push-up bra. Most have some kind of padding, some use underwire for lift, and many use both. There are even some that use silicone gel or water to give you a very realistic shape and feel. Decide whether you want to increase your size or lift – try on various bras to determine which kind works for your body shape. Choose what shape your cleavage will have – demi cups and plunging neckline bras are great for low cut blouses wholesale, for example. For everyday wear, you probably want to reveal the cleavage a little bit, so wear the bra with V-neck shirts or sweaters.

Remember though that the bra should look natural, and the cups aren’t too stiff with padding. Don’t look like you’ve been blown up, and so you want to have a seamless bra that looks smooth under your clothes. They work best when people don’t know that you’re wearing one. This means you can go easily on decorations like lace and beads with your push-ups. And bear in mind that the push-ups can be uncomfortable, tighter than regular ones – so avoid wearing them constantly.

Everybody wears jeans today

All of us want to look different and try following the newest fashion trends. And so, a lot of women constantly look for new accessories and fashionable clothes. And even though you might not guess it, the staple of fashion in the modern day and age is denim. Everyone wears jeans. There are even some people who wear jeans everyday and so they need to buy dozens of them. Jeans and other wholesale mens trousers are now available at wholesale rates. You don’t even have to own a company. You simply can browse online websites to find the reliable stores that are selling trousers in bulk.

How to buy the most suitable wholesale mens trousers?

wholesale mens trousersOn the market, there’s a wide range of wholesale jeans, and you will surely find your favorite pair. If you purchase denim trousers from the retailer, you lose money, paying for their markup. This is why buying straight from the wholesalers is becoming so popular.  If you buy directly from the wholesaler, you can cut the middle-man. You can also save on the brand – Levi’s jeans are as cheap as other Chinese-made trousers when bought in bulk.

High-quality jeans at cost effective rates

I buy most of mine wholesale mens trousers online. It is the most cost-effective way of shopping. Buying straight from the producer, perhaps even in D2D mode is the cheapest way of buying. Of course, retail stores offer advice and brand names. So finding the stylish and elegant jeans requires at least some research. By visiting the online clothes stores, you can save your time, money and energy.

Trousers you can find in the online stores are of latest design and are sent to the customer in the original packs. You can at any time place the order and get major discounts!

Do you want to get into the fashion biz?

So you want to be in the fashion business? Well, any advice should honestly start with: Don’t! Sure, you might love fashion, but it’s not all fluffy bunnies and candy. It might look glamorous but the only beautiful things about is the clothes on the runway or the designs of wholesale scarves. Even the supermodels are big and bony. You need to be sharp, passionate and jaded.

wholesale scarvesIf you want to get into the fashion business, you need to consider your passion and decide what’s your end goal. Do you want to be the next Anna Wintour? A designer, stylist, make-up artist? It’s all up to you! When you make your decision, look at colleges and universities that offer programs and degrees for your chosen field. Sure, there are many fashionistas who did well outside degree, but they had many other qualifications. A college degree in the fashion-related field is not mandatory, but it certainly makes life easier. You will learn the history of fashion, sewing and construction of clothes, art appreciation, and general business skills. You can learn these in your life, but a college bundles it up!

Practical experience is great; studies can teach you theory, but you need practice. While studying, try to find an internship at a clothing company or in a magazine. You need also to consider your spare time – educate yourself, read fashion news, watch fashion shows online and when looking at celebrity gossip pay more attention to their looks!

And practice on your own. If you want to be a designer, have prepared a rich portfolio with sample designs. If you can’t find an honest professional advice, ask your friends and family for opinion at least. You need to practice tailoring, and outside your portfolio have at least some sample outfit ready. Look at your achievement, and work hard to be noticed. You might want to be the next Tommy Hilfiger, but you might end up designing wholesale scarves for a small company.

Yes, hard work is the only thing we have, outside of being born in a rich fashion family!

Learn how to save on great clothes

If you want so save some money on great clothes, you can always buy clothes wholesale. You need to have a company – and actually, if you’re friendly with your boss, you might ask him to order these lovely wholesale skirts for you! And of course, if you are interested in fashion, chances are that you might want to open your own clothes store.

If you know wholesalers and producers in your area, you can save a lot on purchasing high-quality goods! In fact, goods are sold in bulk almost everywhere.  But before buying your wholesale skirts, consider this – while the cost is almost always lower than in retailer’s store, the more pieces of clothes you order, the cheaper individual piece is.

wholesale skirtsAnd of course, if you do want to resell some of these items later, you’ll need some storage yourself. If you buy thousands of wholesale skirts you need somewhere to keep them! Even if you are a retailer, this might be a problem. It’s best to start with small numbers of items – you can tell the supplier you’re trying them out in your store… or yourself!

An inventory is required for storing goods that are purchased in large amounts. For instance, when you buy thousands of sports equipment at a cheap price, you need to be worried about the storage space.

So research the wholesalers and clothes-makers in your area, check their offer and their products. Even if you’re not in the fashion business, you can visit the trade shows. If you’re a store owner, you’ll network with them – and if you’re just a regular Jane, you’ll learn about new trends or even be able to buy a sample.

If you find a wholesale company you like and you’re ready to cooperate with them, subscribe to texts and email newsletter. Sometimes you can find great offers – for instance, their warehouse is overflowing and they want to get rid of great brand name T-shirts.

Clothes for doctors?

mens wholesale jeansI recently talked with my brother-in-law about appropriate work clothes and biz caz. He has a unique perspective on this given that he’s worked as an intensive care physician for 35 years. Doctor’s work is unique – while they enjoy a lot of professional respect, they need their clothes to be durable and clean. He has never worn formal wear during her work – for decades he wore fresh jeans, arrived at the hospital… and at the end of the day he left them for washing there. He took the cleaned pair from the previous day to return home and could rest in clean duds. This way he didn’t have to buy hundreds of mens wholesale jeans…

After all, doctor’s work is very dirty. Sure, you can wear scrubs, aprons, and other protective clothes, but at the end of the day, you do very intensive work. A doctor needs to be able to deliver medical care. In fact, wearing a tie would be more unhygienic than not wearing one! Ties, coats, suit jacket, hand jewelry, and long sleeves carry germs and fungal spores! While a private hospital might expect some more formal wear, it’s rare.

Of course, he remembers that his professors at medical schools always berated students who were wearing shirts and jeans. That was a long time ago, but still, this is a matter of representation. He wouldn’t go now to a medical conference or a seminar in a pair of mens wholesale jeans, of course. For that – and he is an awarded medical professional and an acknowledged author – he dresses in a three-piece suit, naturally. He has seen doctors who come to work in torn jeans and baggy shirts – and female doctors in high heels and very revealing cleavages. He dislikes both of these – the best policy would be the same type of scrubs and footwear at the hospital.

This is a lesson for all of us – dress for the work you need to do, not for your superiors. Sometimes we feel forced to choose between fashion and comfort – and the job should dictate this. For a teacher, the presentation is important, for example.

So how do you find suppliers?

wholesale tightsIf you love fashion it’s quite likely that you run your own fashion store. If you sell retail clothes, it’s critical to have a sound and positive relationship with your clothes supplier. Whenever you want to buy some wholesale tights, you need to look for a supplier who will be ready to sell you clothes cheaper, so that you could make a profit. The key as in any business is to buy cheap and sell expensive.

So how do you find new suppliers? The simplest way you can learn about a supplier is the internet. You can simply google clothes suppliers and manufacturers in your town, and look at the various garments they sell, their prices and find the contact information.

You can also find partners at business events. Visit clothing trade shows, to find manufacturers and wholesalers of clothes. You can meet them in person, and begin the negotiations right on. Interacting with wholesale tights suppliers face to face allows you to get to know better more than you would through online platforms. You can also see and touch their product samples, and learn whether their clothes are better quality.

If you contact the direct producer or even the producer of raw fabrics, perhaps they will contact you with companies they order from them. Simply thanks to such inquiry, you can find a new supplier and learn where they are located. Or you can skip the wholesaler and decide to buy from the manufacturers, saving money and time.

Another good source of info are your competitors – they might have information on good suppliers… but might be unwilling to divulge it! Ask your colleagues who are trading in slightly different clothes – if you sell sports goods, ask your friend who sells work clothes whom he buys from.

So after you have obtained a list of suppliers, you should choose ones that are best for you. Your factors should be price, quality, and reliability. The latter doesn’t only mean speedy and timely delivery but also cooperation with you.

Shaving off the angora sweater

men's sweaters wholesalerAngora sweaters are not made of cats’ furs – but rather of the rabbits. It’s just a joke I heard from a men’s sweaters wholesaler. It’s a very delicate, gentle and warm fabric that makes any woman look sweet, cuddly and sexy. Unfortunately, my biggest problem is that it sheds. A lot. And you really can’t completely stop this shedding, but luckily you can control it.

If your foofy sweater is a blend, you can try freezing it. The old, decaying fibers will stiffen up and be easy to shake out at once instead of coming out slowly throughout the day. Many affordable angora sweaters are blends of angora and other wools like sheep wool or goat cashmere, some also use viscose and polyester. Before you freeze your sweater check it for snags and stains. Fix the snags with a sewing needle or a crochet hook, moving them to inside the sweater. You can use clear nail polish to fix the loose threads. Never pull the snags away or cut them off.

To prevent the sweater from absorbing the fridge smells, fold it and put it in a plastic bag. Freeze it for 3 or 4 hours – this will also protect it from moth eggs! After that, remove it from the bag, and shake it over a bathing tub or balcony – watch for the hair falling out! While angoras are rarely worn by men, any men’s sweaters wholesaler will tell you to wisely conserve your sweater anyway.

You can also use a pumice stone – the loose fibers will tangle up with the rough texture of the stone. Be very gentle – don’t touch the sweater proper, just “wade through” the angora hair fibers. Don’t pull the pills.

Angora sweaters are very delicate. Not only you should hand wash them with a hand soap, without wringing or twisting, but you should never use an electric dryer. Instead, lay it flat on a towel so that the towel soaks up the excess water, and let it dry overnight. Wash your sweater only when it needs it – if you wear it only for a couple of hours a day, air it first.