Patterned tights?! Yes, we’re making it happen

Well, you probably want to find a pair of two of neat tights, or maybe wholesale tights for your boutique. However, the new sensation that’s sweeping the nation is patterned tights. While they look great and attractive, you might become puzzled when trying to mix and match the patterns of your tights with other clothes. So, well, here’s a guide that’s just for you – how to mix and match patterned tights!

wholesale tightsLet’s start with the simple, generic pattern: stripes – from thin pinstripes, through sailor inspired designs to thick stripes. In general they’re very versatile. Stripes can be easily worn with other patterns and go with every solid color there is. Avoid horizontal ones, since they tend to optically widen your body. Vertical stripes on your wholesale tights will make your customers look taller!

Polka dots are cute and versatile. They can be toned down (if small and not very contrasting) or very vivid and exciting. Smaller scale dots might seem quite classy, while chunky dots will put a lot of emphasis on your legs. Wholesale tights with polka dots look playful, but childish for some.

Gingham and plaid are similar enough in theory. They’re very vibrant and busy, though gingham can be more muted. It’s best not to mix plaid patterns with gingham – but gingham itself might not clash with other subtle patterns. So in short, plaid wholesale tights will be a focal point of your outfit and you shouldn’t mix it with anything else – while gingham might be balanced with something else.

One of my favorite patterns is houndstooth. this might be the 80s soap operas I’ve been raised on, but I see this pattern as very powerful. The smaller, subtler houndstooth tights might seem simply textured, so they’re appropriate for any costume. The same goes for herringbone.

Remember this simple rule – never match big with big – subtle gingham check might look nice next to polka dots.

My stance on winter and winter sweaters!

Hello lovelies! Did I mention that I love the winter! Not just because of tasty Christmas treats, but also because of the opportunity to wear snug winter clothing. I have to admit, tight sweaters are my guilty pleasure… as are bulky oversized ones! Yes, I do have a vast closet, and sweaters take up quite a lot of “tops” section. I absolutely love wholesale womens sweaters, since they are so easy to pair with any skirt or pants in my closet! They’re crucial for my layering outfits, over shirts and under jackets!

wholesale womens sweatersWhat I adore about cardigans it’s that they are perfect for layering – something sweet and innocent to toss on in the chilly mornings and evenings. They can match my dresses, or a set of a fancy blouse and a pencil skirt or possibly leather leggings and a T-shirt for a casual weekend look. A cardigan can be fitted but I also have two oversized ones for that extra cozy feeling.

And speaking of cozy, consider more chunky knit wholesale womens sweaters – they’re very visibly “woolen”, feel great, and also look great oversized. I love wearing one tossed over my super skinny jeans. However, you can go to the other extreme and consider cropped sweaters. I’m not quite sold on them, truth be told. I am a rather busty lady, and I’ve had enough men staring at my chest. Sometimes, yes, I might want to underline it – but there are other ways to do it. I might want to hide my chest under layers of shits and T-shirts and top it off with a nice colorful cropped sweater…

Preferably a cashmere one. I’m one of the few individuals lucky enough to not be bothered by the scratchy wool… but still, cashmere feels so soft and delicate. It’s warm, soft and it adjusts to you over time. It’s the best investment for wholesale womens sweaters – and it’s best to get one cashmere sweater over ten cheap ones!

A couple of word on mixing denim with denim

Now, you might know me as the queen of fashionistas. But some of my friends have for some reason the opinion that I hate denim. Malicious slander, I tell you. I like denim! Everyone has probably at least one denim piece in their wardrobe. I used to be skeptical, but I actually loved the current trend of wearing denim with denim. Yes, lovelies, it’s possible! You can match jeans with denim, provided that you offer enough variety for your outfit. Vary it up with colors and styles to provide variety. There are millions of shirts wholesale on the market, and you can find chambray ones!

shirts wholesaleA great idea to build on is this rarest of jeans – white denim! It does stand out and works great for summer since it absorbs less heat. If you are seriously dedicated to the idea of denim with denim, you should start with white denim. A neat idea would be a pair of denim shorts or distressed jeans with a darker chambray shirt. This will make you relaxed, calm and casual. An alternative is the other way around – a white denim jacket matched with dark jeans is a great way to stand out and seem attractive. You can find a lot of white shirts wholesale online. 

While some time ago denim skirts have been badmouthed for being tasteless and backward, they do not deserve this. They are soft and flouncy and work great instead of jeans shorts. Pick a bright blue denim skirt, and tuck in a darker denim shirt, add a black belt and a pair of chunky sandals. The tones of denim can create a much more interesting and chic look.

Probably the stereotypical image of a bad mixing denim with denim is a simple denim jacket or shirt with a pair of jeans. Vary it up with various cuts – pick a pair of skinny jeans with a tough oversized denim jacket or shirt, and you can make it work. Add a nice colorful T-shirt for a simple casual combo, and a pair of sunglasses and other tough accessories.

Lessons I’ve Learned This Past Year

1) The time to pursue your dream is now.

You always make excuses before taking a leap of faith and jumping. Was I scared to death to start a new job, move in with my boyfriend AND go back to school? Terrified. I’ve always been a huge planner so I was afraid to start a new job trading in wholesale trousers that it was one of those “It’s now or never” things so I went for it. And you know what? I am glad that I did! Was it easy? Of course not! But I am happy!

wholesale trousers2) Money does not mean happiness.

I had to cut down on the books, on the skiffle practice, on the family life, and on the fashion shopping. But even through all of the stress of the past year, and all this political hullabaloo in States, UK, and Europe, I can honestly say that I’ve been happy. I might have to wear the wholesale trousers I get cuts on at work, I might not go to the cinema anymore, but I’m happy.

3) Challenge yourself

As some of you know, I’m a folk musician as a hobby. I play harmonica and washboard (not at the same time. yet). And this year Random Drunken Hobos gave their first live appearance. I was terrified. And I survived. Was this the best performance? Heck no. Were the public pleased? I think so! Did I improve? I sure did. I went on a biking trip, and soon I might travel around Europe all alone with my bike.

4) You have to keep balance in your life.

I cut back on my writing (but I did start a blog). This year I haven’t even started Nanowrimo (that’s national novel writing challenge BTW), I started a couple of stories but never finished them. I shifted to biking, working and studies. I have only read a couple of new novels, from Musso to Jim Butcher this year. And it all seems working – if only because I have no kids and selling wholesale trousers is not that much time absorbing.

Flaunt your curves with a nice pair of leggings

Hello loves! Today, I want to write you concerning leather and faux leather leggings. These of you who happen to know me in person know that I’m a big fan of leather wear that shows off your curves. They’ve got this rebellious, punk style I love so much, they make you look sleek and efficient and I simply love it. Everyone knows where to find good quality leggings wholesale. No matter what’s the occasion, a woman wearing leather leggings will never fail to make a grandiose entrance.

leggings wholesaleLet’s face it, most leather leggings wholesale on the market you and I will ever see or wear will be made of eco-leather, pleather, or some other PVC combination, but that’s not important. What matters is that your skin will need to breathe. Some leggings have a leather-like front with a breathable back – but sadly this looks rather cheap, don’t you think? Spandex is a salvation for many ladies – sometimes the fake leather layer over it is also elastic and breathable.

Now, I don’t want to seem rude, darlings, but leggings are there to show your curves – so let’s be honest. If you don’t have it, don’t try to flaunt it. I myself am not the tallest, so I like to wear heels, but I can rock a pair of leggings – provided that they fit me well. My legs are – so I am told – quite shapely, so I can pair them with a nice flouncy blouse or a boxy sweater. These are great because your boyfriend will never know what’s underneath it, ha ha!

Now, I’ve told you over and over again that leggings work well when slipped under a pair of shorts or a nice skirt or even a dress. Leather leggings are a bit different – why show off something others won’t see? If you want to be in-your-face, wear them at winter as usual trousers since they tend to be thicker. If it’s really cold, you can, of course, wear a pair of daisy dukes to protect strategic places – we’ve all been there.

So there you have it. If you wanted to strut down the runway with an indifferent pout and timeless beautiful legs, leather leggings wholesale are your answer!

Great skirts for the office!

Is a pantsuit the most dominant business suit for men? I think that a skirt suit is also fairly popular. Does it influence a business success? Well, if you wearing a pretty skirt makes you more confident worker and businesswoman, by all means, do it! In general, the professional skirt is more tailored, adjusted to your body. It should have no bulky pockets or front zippers. The producers can come up with designs of wholesale skirts like this.

wholesale skirtsThe office dress code can vary, so a neat trick is to dress the same way your superior dresses. Typically, this means a solid color knee length skirt, in neutral office hues like black, blue, brown, tan or white. Depending on occasion dark reds or greens might also be appropriate. Avoid large accessories that draw undue attention, like wide belts. The office dress shouldn’t also be too short or too long. After all, your clients and bosses need to appreciate your professionalism, not your legs or fashion sense!

The slimmer ladies will look fabulous in a straight pencil skirt reaching just below the knee and above mid-calf.  If you’re thin, avoid skirts with an open walking slit that’s cut sideways. It’s best to look for ones with a slit in the back or with a dark insert so that your underskirt won’t show. Most wholesale skirts can accommodate this style.

Larger, plus-size ladies will look best in an A-line skirt, which will put less emphasis on their waist and hips. You can choose a flattering look that will skim over your torso and hide the unsightly bulges. Avoid gathered or ruffled wholesale skirts that will make you look larger. A simple one-color skirt will draw more attention to your upper body. You can add tasteful, work-appropriate accessories to the top, like a long necklace, to draw attention to your face and chest.

Shopping tips for the big girls

I’m not the smallest girl myself… Let’s face it, I’m a big beautiful lady! And yeah, until my late twenties I predictably hated, hated shopping for clothes. I was of the opinion that I could handle a pair of wholesale jeans and a T-shirt since few things looked good for me. And basically, when I graduated and found a steady job I discovered that I could actually make an effort and look for pretty things!

Girls, don’t make my mistake. Focus on your best assets instead of your worst ones. I might be chubby but hey, my hair looks nice and I could handle that “stern teacher with a heart of gold” look. I could show my shoulders, put some emphasis on my bust to distract them from my waist. Wearing baggy clothes makes you look like a tent. And too tight clothes show your every crevice and dimple. Get jeans that are available in your size – ask whether the store sources trousers from a place with good wholesale jeans.

wholesale jeansI also learned to wear slip-on shoes or ones with zippers… preferably matching the outfit I’m assembling. As a kid of the 90s, I still like to wear my Doc Martens once in a while… but I not when I’m shopping for feminine dresses. Same goes with other clothes – when I go shopping for clothes I’m picking a zippable hoodie, a skirt, and simple kitten heels.

It’s not always possible, but I try to pick another plus-sized friend, sometimes even sharing a dressing room. It’s fun, and Toni’s chatter distracts me from any weird thoughts – and she gives me an honest opinion once in a while. She consoles me saying not “You’re too fat”, but simply saying “This store is worthless, they don’t carry all sizes of wholesale jeans.”

And Toni’s tip for enjoying clothes is elegant in its simplicity: try on the suspicious things first, and save the fanciest items for last. Try to wear the coolest item last, this way you’ll leave the dressing room in an elated mood, not worrying about ditching these extra kilos.

Styles of scarves for men

Scarves are often thought of as exclusively women’s fashion accessories. If a man wears a scarf, according to the fashionistas, it’s only to keep his neck and face warm. But scarves can be quite fashionable with men, for instance, a long silk aviator scarf worn with a suit is pretty bohemian. There are a couple of most prevalent scarf styles, and a good wholesaler will offer most of these wholesale scarves.

wholesale scarvesThe most prevalent scarves are typically called standard scarves. These are the long rectangular scarves worn around your neck. These are available in all sorts of materials from wool and cashmere to acrylic and fleece.

A snood is also a kind of scarf. Originally the word ‘snood’ meant a hair net, but a snood means also a tubular scarf with no loose ends. You don’t tie it, simply pull it over your head. It’s comfortable, easy to wear and very sporty.

Chunky scarves are typically longer and wider than other ones. Often they’re oversized and deliberately made of thick knits so that it’s clear that they will keep you warm. These are usually handmade, so it’s hard to buy wholesale scarves like this.

Aviator scarves are typically made of wool or silk. They’re called this because pilots in WWII favored these silk scarves to brave cold temperature and winds. Usually, they’re white, but now they can be worn as a fashion accessory in any color.

Pashmina is a kind of cashmere wool, often used for scarves. Pashmina scarves are typically elaborately knitted in floral patterns, often long and very warm. Since they’re cashmere, they’re typically soft and lightweight.

There are also square scarves, often inspired by a traditional Arab headdress.  A kufiya or shemagh is a type of scarf worn around your head to protect you from the sun.  Both because of political and religious connotations, it’s also worn in the West. Most of the time, they’re produced in China – so the most well-known wholesale scarves from Palestine are actually an import.


Elegant shirts for men

The two greatest things about elegant shirts are that you can wear them to the office every day of the week and that they can match just about any business formal outfit.

You can mix and match your outfit pieces, combining your dress shirts and various pairs of trousers or skirts for women. This way you will not have to wear the same ensemble more than once in a week.

shirts wholesaleOffering shirts wholesale for elegant customers is always a good business. And if your customers have dozens of shirts, they’ll be prepared for all sorts of unexpected formal occasions. Of course, if they shop in your store, full of shirts wholesale, they will have to discover one that is the best fit for them. The perfect elegant that have a thread count of at least 80 hanks per pound. If you’re looking for a great shirt, pay attention to the tiniest details. For instance, the buttons should be made from a high-quality material and sewn on with “x” pattern, not with “= sign.”

If your dress code demands the formal business attire, nothing beats a business suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt, both for men and women. wear a dark coordinated tie with it. The men’s dress shirt should be all about fit and look. If you stock shirts wholesale made of high-quality material, and well fitted in all sizes, your customers will doubtlessly find something for themselves. Don’t forget about accessories, such as ties and cufflinks!

Even if your customers aren’t keen on the sizes, remind them that they can have them fitted. Have a contact to a popular tailor. The crucial element when picking a dress shirt is to make sure that it hugs your body. There should be no extra bulk which might make your jacket too small or cause ugly bulges.

How to protect the strategic regions

Did you ever have a problem with the so-called camel toe? It is a bane of all girls who like to wear thin, stretchy pants – some of the most private parts show through it. If you are troubled by this, here we can help you how to avoid this issue. If you sell wholesale leggings, you can use this to advise your customers.

wholesale leggings

The biggest problem source is the too-tight leggings. They should stick to your legs, but not as close as to demonstrate every single bump on them. Consider it doubly so with the leather or faux leather leggings, because they are even more unforgiving.

If you have invested in thicker and slightly larger wholesale leggings, you should be fine. But remember, never go commando when wearing thin, yet stretchy fabrics. If you have to wear tights, plan ahead and put on thicker, seamless panties, which are less likely to “collapse”. The stiffer panties like shapewear will provide you with a smoother appearance, which will hide the nasty creases. If you find yourself in such a situation all too often, you can invest in the cardboard panty liner which you place in the strategic place. And if it’s really necessary, you can use a layer or five of toilet paper in an emergency!

In general, you should avoid see-through tights or leggings. Instead, pick thicker and more flexible bottoms that reach your navel. You shouldn’t pull them up, and they should have higher rise – because these typically show less.

I personally think that leggings are great to wear and very versatile, even despite the risk of camel toes! I still love walking around in leggings and a baggy shirt, even though it doesn’t seem very formal. And to protect your sensitive regions, you can wear a dress, a skirt or a pair of shorts over your leggings – or match it up with a longer tunic or jacket.