High-waisted shorts – who are they good for

High waisted shorts work great for women and they can be dressed down for casual wear or down for a day at the beach or shopping. Such wholesale womens shorts are ever popular in the stores and boutiques. Many of the styles of high waisted shorts have what looks like an extra strip waist at the top of the regular waist. Often time’s women will wear a belt or sash in the loops along the original waistline and then the top portion of the shorts or the extra waist will stand out even more. Depending on the fabric the shorts are made of, the top portion of the high waisted shorts could form a ruffle. This style is flattering on a big woman who might have a bit of a gut or big tummy.

wholesale womens shortsThere are different styles of high waisted wholesale womens shorts available on the market. The ones with the double waist are just one style, often slightly dressier ones. There are also high waisted shorts with a double waist that does not require a belt or sash. These have a flatter waist look to the shorts and are flattering on a thinner woman.

High-waist shorts can also be pleated and have cuffs at the bottom for a more detailed look. These types of shorts could be paired with a silk blouse for an office setting or a coloured t-shirt for an evening. In fact, many employers prefer buying wholesale womens shorts so that their female workers look nice during the summer. Wearing pumps with these types of shorts helps to bring the look together in a more ‘finished’ fashion.

There are pairs of high waisted shorts that resemble sailor’s short. Some are navy blue and others are white. Each has a single or double row of brass-look buttons up the down from the waist to the bottom of the pockets or where the leg starts. These could be dressed up with dark blue pumps, dressed down with sandals or made more casual with a small pair of tennis shoes – not running shoes.

Plus-sized clothing available for any stylish diva!

There are much plus-sized clothing available on the market now, from large jeans to women tops and blouses wholesale. If you’re a curvy, voluptuous diva like I am, you can safely rock this and not look like a tent nor like you tried to squeeze in your daughter’s clothes. But you also need to know how you can work with the proportions of your own body and wear trendy plus size clothing successfully. Instead of wearing a loose-fitting cardigan over jeans to hide your hips, try wearing a belt below your bust to detract from them. That will give your figure a definitive shape, making the best of your curves.

Plus size tunics are particularly fashionable at the moment and they are great for the larger figure. The great thing about these women tops and blouses wholesale is that they are available with a wide range of different necklines. Also, some have embedded empire waistlines, while others are loose fitting. This means that you can play around with the different options and settle on a trendy plus size tunic that flatters your particular body type.

women tops and blouses wholesaleAnother trend this fall is jeggings, which is a pants style not unlike old-fashioned leggings, but with some inspiration from those super-skinny jeans. Don’t be put off by the fact that they are tight fitting, and will hug your curves. Instead, team them up with plus size designer women tops and blouses wholesale which will tastefully cover your bottom and hips. This will draw attention to your upper body and your face. So make the most of it.


Like all types of clothing – regardless of size – plus size fashions are available in all price ranges. If you buy designer blouses, for example, you are likely to pay a lot more than other plus size blouses found on the shelves without a designer label. But the point is that you will find trendy plus size clothing in every price range. My advice is to go for it!


Feel powerful in well-fitted, good lingerie!

The market is full of good quality lingerie, from wholesale panties and bras to corsets, bustiers, body stockings, and so on. Women all over the globe are buying such lingerie to impress their husband or their boyfriend, but all these girls don’t realise that they are also buying them for themselves. Once you stand in front of the mirror in your lingerie, you will feel sexy and self-assured. This boosts your confidence – and if you won’t see yourself as attractive and self-confident and in addition genuinely wonderful, why should the other people? When you feel sexy and attractive you have a tendency to saunter with your head held higher and this really makes you feel and act powerful!

wholesale pantiesThis can boost your performance at your workplace or school. Well-measured and fitted lingerie is the basis. Many producers of wholesale panties make them of expensive materials like silk or lace – but this doesn’t mean it will fit you. The bra and panty set should look seriously attractive. An interesting alternative, in particular for curvier ladies would be the corset. If you are heading to a celebration and are expecting some action, you could also consider getting a sexy nightgown and body stockings which can make you look fantastic without any creases or panty lines. If you are heading to a beach, then do not forget to purchase hot and stylish bikinis.

Initially, there used to be a myth claiming that lingerie is just not readily available for the plus sized girls. However, it is simply a myth and even a thing of the past. Today there are actually plus-size lingerie outlets all over the globe which can be particularly meant for plus-sized curvy ladies. Some of the voluptuous ladies don’t use any kind of lingerie. However, that is really bad for your appearance and also for their intimate cleanliness. Always wear clean undies!


Is every pair of tights right for you?

Tight clothes do not only have to be in form of jeans. If your clothes are elastic enough, they could also be used to make leggings and tights wholesale. By the definition – tights are tight and very feminine. Men sometimes wear leggings and tights – whether to exercise or to stay warm in cold weather. However, tights typically belong to women. These tights can work well, worn with some miniskirts or even shorts that match well with the colour.

tights wholesaleA lot of people seem to think that these tights should only be worn during hot weather perhaps to absorb the sweat, but in my experience, the opposite is more often true than not. The tights wholesale can actually be a very good kind of clothing to pick during the because they actually protect you from extreme cold weather. They can serve as an extra layer of insulation or just protect you under a short skirt – that looks great on you. When going shopping for tights, there are a number of things you need to evaluate so as to purchase the perfect pair of tights. This applies whether you buy individual tights or tights wholesale for your fashion store!

Indeed, this is because not every pair of tights out there is right for you. You might be lucky enough and discover a pair which will seem as if it was just made for you, but what are the odds? For this reason, you need to determine the best size for you and prepare a set of accessories for your tights. If you happen to own a store, consider your customers – if you’re going to aim for college students, pick larger sizes, since younger ladies are taller and more athletic on average.. And if you’re an end customer avoid buying tights that will end up sagging or ones that will be torn the next day.


How to be a true fashionista and businesswoman

Fashion changes. This is especially relevant if you run a fashion boutique or an online store. Each season can be markedly different from the previous one. However, these frequent changes in the trends of womens wholesale clothing provide a great opportunity to the wholesalers and manufacturers to create the new styles and designs of clothing.

It’s self-evident by this point that if womens wholesale clothing is more popular than menswear or kids’ clothes. And so if you decide to start a business selling female clothes in bulk, you should learn about its crucial aspects.

After all, various women clothing stores achieved success because they presented a large array of clothes collections. The larger the choice your customer has, the better – and it’s especially evident with womens wholesale clothing since women tend to own – and thus buy – more clothes.

womens wholesale clothingYou should know what is hot and what’s not in the world of fashion clothing. If you are a true fashionista, you should use that fashion sense to predict what will be the coming fashion trend. If you understand the flow of fashion, you could easily replenish and dispatch your stock of womens wholesale clothing.

And how do you build this fashion familiarity? Well, look around. Look what are your customers wearing, look what celebrities they follow, look what’s going to be big next.

Determining who your potential buyers are and what they are looking for is very important. If you don’t know the market, you can’t effectively sell your wares. Have your target demographic professionally analysed, so that you can expand and build upon your fashion business.

Thanks to this research, you will be able to switch to the niche – my friend has aimed at a professional style, but her clothing store was opposite a large bookstore. She toned down the selection of fierce clothes, and she became very succesful!


The perfect bag for your business meeting

How could you resist getting the beautiful bag? There are many wholesale handbags available on the market. It’s really more than a little intimidating to pick the perfect bag you want from among a large number of options of wholesale handbags in the marketplace today. It’s no surprise that a lot of questions arises concerning handbags and many other bags – backpacks, clutches or tote bags. Surprisingly, probably the most talked about question is which type of wholesale handbag to purchase for the job interview. However, it’s not easily said – each woman’s business style is different. Basically, you need to understand that in this particular case function comes first, then style, as it pertains to attending the job interview or perhaps a business lunch or some other business meeting.

wholesale handbagAn official, business handbag that’s functional should first and foremost have some space to contain important documents, like your resume, portfolio or reference letters as well as your business cards. You need to demonstrate your capability – carry documents like ID or driving licence. Many women today need to carry laptops or tablets, which will be used during the interview or business meeting. Choose a functional bag which has multiple interior pockets that may store your most significant products for example pens, cell phone, business card printing and feminine secrets.

However, wholesale handbags don’t just have to be practical. Every woman would like it to be beautiful and demonstrate your specific fashion sense. Based on personal preference, a lot of women do with no luxury designer handbag all together and instead pick a formal briefcase. But I believe that if you want to feel feminine, you should carry a nice beautiful designer handbag to an important meeting.

Thanks to a well-organized leather handbag you don’t have to pour out all of the items or frantically rummage inside it to locate a particular item.  Thanks to a good handbag, you will look very professional and organized.


Negotiations in the world of fashion!

The key to negotiating successfully when buying wholesale womens dresses is to create a win-win situation for both you, the retailer and wholesaler. To facilitate good business deals, you can use the social media to interact with the prospective and current customers. This is quite likely one of the simplest ways to determine the type of dresses that your customers will want to buy.

Start with getting pictures of the wholesale womens dresses that you are considering for purchase. Often, the wholesaler can provide them for your for free or for a one-time fee. You could post the pictures on social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. This way, you’ll see how people react to the dresses.  Remember though that support and likes might not translate to actual interest. Perhaps the model is very pretty, or your fans just want to express support for you. You might ask people who commented on the picture – would you buy them? You could even propose a small discount.

When you are committed to buying the wholesale womens dresses you want, start negotiating. In most countries, you have every right to haggle for better prices, but you must do it like a pro. The distinction between a beginner and the professional negotiator is that while the beginner just wants to have a discount, the professional negotiator has some well-prepared negotiation offers that will benefit both the buyer and the seller.

For example, an inexperienced negotiator will say “Please give us 10% of a discount.” Well, the wholesaler might accept – but it’s not likely. On the flipside, the professional negotiator gives the wholesaler the sensible grounds why she needs a discount, and how the supplier will benefit from the deal – more advertising and exposure. Eventually, for instance, the company might be willing to increase the volume of the order or they might introduce some other companies to the wholesaler. Remember – a good businessman can make the same deal twice, it pays to be honest.


Are you the next Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj is not only a gifted artist, she’s a veritable style icon. She is truly a fashion chameleon who always steals the show. What I love about her is her brave, form-fitting style, that makes her look both outrageous and imitable. Many girls, including myself, simply want to be like her – and no wonder the stores are full of wholesale bodycon dresses – her trademark style.

wholesale bodycon dressesUnder her tight, wholesale bodycon dresses Nicki likes to wear a base layer of bright underwear. She can show a nice bra under a low-cut dress or a vest. In general, though, a bra should not show – she might be curvy but note that she takes great care not to have visible panty line issues. Very tight, curve hugging clothes might need being saved from panty lines – try wearing thongs instead of briefs for instance. And take care not to contrast the bra with your dress – it shouldn’t peek through.

Minaj is often seen in long or short bodycon dresses with cutout cleavage. In general, the so-called wholesale bodycon dresses, or “bandage” dresses are tight and elastic, made to hug curves and enhance cleavage. If you want to base your style on Minaj, pick them too. They should be tight and move with your body, but you don’t have to show every wrinkle.

A crucial component of Minaj style is to define your waist – the fabric should underline it, so you show the figure eight. Abandon dresses with empire waits, and instead pick wide skirts that will underline your voluptuous curves.

And finally, accessorize – pick a massive bag of flashy materials, like leather or fur, a hat or a big colorful poofy wig, and a pair of chunky high heels. Minaj goes with her hip-hop style and rocks a lot of jewelry, looking great in the so-called bling.

Leggings – the perfect clothes for athletes

According to several sporting gear experts, Leggings are the ideal choice for athletes.  They offer not just comfort but also grant a neat figure to your body as it flattens out various irregularities, shall we say. Any producer of wholesale leggings thinks of them as basically an elastic outfit that covers up your legs, made of various, usually synthetic materials. On the market, there are dozens of styles of leggings, and each is meant for different purposes. Let’s be frank for a while, every woman is different. And so, there is no harm in trying all of these styles, from stirrup to footless leggings, even if you feel they will not work as a good choice for you. You might as well be surprised about your final decision after trying out one for you.

wholesale leggingsIt is not just athletes and other sports lovers that benefit from the use of leggings. Every woman can make the best of them. Leggings can serve as a casual choice for everyday wear, and they can be neatly tucked under your dress when you go out for a party or a similar special occasion. They are a great addition, worn under shorts, skirts, and even long shirts. If you decide to wear leggings under your tunic you can wear a short dress, but still, cover your legs! Such stylization has a trendy and stylish feel. Go in for the darker ones as they help to provide a slimming feel to your outfit. If legs are something you want to promote, then shiny dark leggings can do the trick.

Wholesale leggings on the market offer a wide variety of choices. Once you have selected the exact kind of leggings needed, the next big confusion lies in selecting the perfect shoes that go well with the leggings. However, you can solve it by carefully analyzing the occasion you are going to wear both together. What you wear for a normal family get-together is different from what you normally wear for a weekend party at the nightclub.


Should I get the new scarf for the winter?

Silk has been with the human race for thousands of years. Many expensive clothes are crafted from this versatile textile material. Silk scarves are probably the most common and have also been around for quite some time. Many scarves wholesale are popular worldwide, not just in China or India. These scarves can be worn by anybody; they have been worn in schools, in bars and even offices. The versatility and elegance that comes with silk cannot be undermined. Silk is a great value for money, especially when you get a hand-made piece of clothing. This quality of silk scarves is unmatchable, with durability being the key.

scarves wholesaleSilk scarves wholesale are currently in high demand. If you want to choose the right and unique piece you naturally want to avoid getting a fake one. Of course, the first step is easy: you know that silk is an expensive material, and so you will have to spend a little bit more on a genuine silk scarf. Remember, quality silk scarves are worth the value and last for a long time. Always check whether your silk scarves are of good quality, this way you will eliminate the chances of buying a fake replica. Pure silk is easily recognizable and has a smooth, cool feel.

Choosing a unique scarf makes you stand out of the crowd by being original and unique. Imagine that awkward moment when you walk into a room and spot another person with the same blouse as yours. If you are a true fashionista, it can be an embarrassing moment. And so, the fashionable scarves wholesale can completely change the outfit – by focusing the look on the scarf itself. It is good to be creative and unique, especially when you the most unique of all. This can be achieved by getting the scarf from a quality artisan. Hand-painted scarves are also great when choosing a unique and original scarf.