My favorite brands of jeans


The modern mens wholesale jeans were invented by Levi’s – they combined the resilience of denim with the strength of riveted stitches. They have always stayed at the top, with their classic style and durability with modern tastes. Their recognizable two-horse logo and leather patches are fashion icon – and often they’re buttoned instead of having a zipper.


mens wholesale jeansWrangler as the name implies jumped quickly on the mens wholesale jeans bandwagon, selling overalls for horse wranglers and farmhands. This brand is now synonymous with jeans and cowboys who wear them. It is also a great choice for a man looking for a rugged cowboy look.


In 1969 the first GAP store opened in San Francisco. Why did GAP carry jeans? Well, their original motivation for starting the company was that the founder couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit him right. Today, GAP jeans come in a variety of washes and styles to suit all sorts of occasions and tastes.

7 For All Mankind

Compared to older brands, 7 For All Mankind is a very new brand, born in 2000 in L.A. It quickly became very popular thanks to celebrity endorsements. They offer many unique colors and custom cuts, and so work great for the customers who want lots of options and customized mens wholesale jeans.


If you’re looking for European styles may enjoy Diesel’s unique take on denim jeans. Diesel is an Italian brand offering this very American piece of clothing – jeans. During the global fuel crisis diesel fuel was seen as an alternative to gasoline, and so Diesel jeans are an alternative for the traditional style.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren sounds “upper crust”, but it’s also a popular jean company. If you’re looking for high-class fashion and timeless looks, you will certainly be pleased with what Ralph Lauren has to offer. The company offers more casual vibe, that nevertheless never fails to impress.


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  1. I absolutely love this post and hearing about the brands you love! Jeans are absolutely the hardest thing to shop for, hands down! You’ve made so many good points and showcase a lot of my favorites Like Gap, Levi’s and 7 For all Mankind!

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