Oversized sweater coats come in all brands and sizes

They come in all brands and sizes and they’re one of the best selling clothing items during the cold months. I’m not referring to any ordinary wholesale womens sweaters. I want to talk about the long oversized sweater coats.

Sweater coats are knitted long sweaters, also known as long knits that have recently been fashionable. They’re made of the softest type of knit like wool, cashmere and other knit fibres.The most elegant wholesale womens sweaters coats are those designed by the Rothschild company that started making these “long sweaters” during the early 1800s. Today, however, most sweater coats can be found in any design store. Ralph Lauren is a favourite of both women and men where they can choose the type and colour of sweater coats that suit their figure and individual taste.

wholesale womens sweatersThe most beloved clothes tend to be the versatile ones, that you can wear to almost any occasion. There will always be the classic wholesale womens sweaters made of knitted soft fibres and in conservative colours like elegant black, grey, navy blue. And a new addition these days is crimson. Today you can even find a hooded sweater coat that helps protect the body plus gives the wearer an illusion of height. That’s why even most plus sizes women look great in these coats.

One of the favourite sweater coats is the one modelled and designed by Suzanne Sommers — it is an elegant evening jacket that goes wit both casual and formal wear. Known as the Suzanne Sommers coat, this one is designed with vertical lines of sequins and is made of fleece material. These wholesale womens sweaters have sequins accenting even its long sleeve cuffs thus making it a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Most sweater coats today, including this one, comes in a variety of colours and colour matches.


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