A couple of words about work trousers…

Work trousers are as the name describes, trousers worn specifically at the workplace. They can be a kind of uniform for nurses, police officers, or protective clothes more suitable for heavy blue collar labour as the heavier wear such as those worn by construction workers or janitors. Sometimes you can use wholesale sweatpants or similar disposable clothes if you work somewhere where it simply gets dirty. These trousers, like all other trousers, are by definition an item of clothing worn on the lower part of the body, covering the waist to the ankles of the wearer.

Many companies use standardised clothes to give their employees a corporate or company identity. Employees of a courier company delivering parcels, for example, would wear standard work clothes with the company’s colours. A gym could buy personalised wholesale sweatpants to all the trainers with the logo of the gym embroidered on it.

wholesale sweatpantsIn this way, a company could distinguish itself from other companies and competitors. It also has the psychological effect: it can help you unify the employees as a team as everyone wears the same and no one stands apart because of the clothes they are wearing. Someone said that a soldier’s uniform has to make him an element of a crowd – while a cop’s uniform should make him stand out. For uniforms such as those of policemen, waiters and supermarket personnel this is true, they are specifically designed to be unique to only their specific companies or services. Other clothes worn by certain sectors of the workforce are usually customised, like the aforementioned wholesale sweatpants, so as to make their work clothes more functional and comfortable.

For example, electricians need to have pockets and tabs attached to the clothes to make the carrying of tools easier. Carpenters will even have a tool belt to carry all the necessary tools. In the case of the construction worker, these workers are required to enter construction sites daily to work and unlike normal urban environments, the working conditions in construction sites can be quite dangerous.

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