Smart casual!

When we talk about “smart casual” I think of more or less “stylish casual”. Don’t know why, but my favorite stylish casual icon was not one of the high-profile celebs like the current Kim Kardashian… it wwholesale women bootsas Daphne from Scooby-Doo! Smart casual means casual clothes that are a bit more fancy, neat and fashionable – and Daphne was always the role model for that for me!

This style balances professionalism, elegance, and fashion. Your bottoms need to be comfortable, but smart looking. You need to pull through a professional, but casual look. So a skirt should be above all comfortable, and in non-controversial colors. It should be more business appropriate (knee-covering). Unlike in business casual, smart casual can, however, rock a pair of dark wash jeans. And indeed, some more vivid colors are acceptable: dark greens, navy blues etc.

Pair the bottom with the appropriate top. If your bottom is dressier, the top can be more casual (but stay away from T-shirts!). If your bottom is more casual, dress up the outfit with a sleeker top, like a buttoned-down shirt, a dressy blouse or a comfortable blazer. And the top can stabilize the outfit with colors – if you wear a pair of dark jeans, toss a lighter gray suit jacket on top of a white shirt, for instance! Don’t use sneakers, if you must, pick wholesale women boots.

A great article of clothing you might choose is a blazer. It is more professional, but a softer top like a ruffled shirt can make it more casual. If you want to look even more dashing, consider having your top fitted. Tailored clothes make your outfit look a bit more put together, while your other clothes will provide the “casual” aspect.

Finally, choose appropriate shoes. They should be dressy – but comfortable. I’d stay away from high heels, instead choosing a nice pair of pumps. Don’t expose your toes or sides of sole. On the plus side, if they will go with the rest of the outfit, these shoes can certainly be colored and patterned. If you want to, choose wholesale women boots.

What bras to pick for a backless dress?

What should you wear under a lace-back dress or a blouse? These garments can be very alluring, especially if you want to show off your back. But many women need a bra to support their front or to have a full, round look. No wonder that many retailers buy a lot of wholesale soft brassieres.


A simple solution is a nice strapless bra or an elegant bra top. And as a last resort, you can always find one of these expensive, disposable backless bras. This kind of wholesale soft brassieres is very popular recently. You don’t have to buy wholesale bras to have a good effect on that fancy party. If you don’t need a bra for the support you can even try nipple patches. For just a couple of dollars you can look sexily without a bra, and avoid having your nipples ruin your sexy backless see-through dress. Unless you, of course, want your nipples to show.

But many women want to underline the cleavage – especially if they have wide hips, they want to balance them. You want to have some backless bras, not just cheap bras you can buy anywhere. A good solution is stick-on cups that will act as a backless, strapless bra, but these don’t necessarily fit every woman. Many ladies need to keep their assets in check, that’s why so many wholesale soft brassieres are produced. Many bras move the straps from your upper back to the lower back – which can be very sexy on their own. You can wear also a convertible bra, with a halter neck – it has a thin strap for balance and manages to stay comfortable.

And if you really want to wear this shirt but can’t find any other option, you can buy a cheap bra online, cut the back off and simply sew it into the dress – and if you can make the bra a halter for more support, it’s even better. Convertible bras don’t go very low in the back and they pull the cups into a weird shape.