Prepare for the winter with all styles of hats!

We all want to prepare for the winter, and while we pick warm booties, nice thick jeans, and a warm jacket, we shouldn’t forget about smaller accessories – mittens, scarves, and a good winter hat. Women know that the hat is paramount – you want to be beautiful, you want to draw attention to your face. And men more often tend to remember that the hat must be warm, well fitting and practical. Whether you buy hats in retail or wholesale winter hats, you should remember this!

wholesale winter hatsA beanie is probably the most popular winter hat. It’s simple, cheap and reliable, and matches most every outfit – though it might not meld well with a formal winter cloak. A beanie is a knit cap or a seamed cap, often made from triangular sections of woolen fabric sewn together. They come in all colors and sizes – the larger ones are great because they can slouch on your head not unlike a beret.

If you are looking for something more formal, why not choose a regular hat, but made of warm felt? A fedora, trilby, or even a bowler hat could be warm and perfect for winter. In the US many young people choose a retro fedora, while in the UK some return to classic bowler hats. Wholesale winter hats like this are often bought by tailors to match bespoke suits in the winter months. They’re great for formal occasions, but the problem is that they often don’t protect your ears.

A newsboy flat cap is also somewhat retro, but it’s associated with the working class. Its flat brim is connected to a round headpiece, and it usually has a soft silken lining. Some of them can protect your ears, and are baggy enough to wrap long woman’s hair underneath.

Another alternative is the fur hat – some are made of wool or fake fur for the environmentally conscious. Karakul hats come from central Asia and can look great with a fur or sheep lining. Like Russian ushankas, they have special ear flaps to protect your ears and chin from the cold, so they’re great for the real frosts.

There are hundreds of other styles of wholesale winter hats available on the market, so pick one that fits you and your dreams best!

Hats are the most chic!

Hats are quite chic. I think they’re one of the most stylish accessories to wear during the winter – especially when coupled together with a beautiful silk scarf. You’ll be most likely pairing your hat with a coat, sweater or a cardigan, and/or a scarf. There are so many items to coordinate, so you don’t have to purchase just a single hat! You might just as well get numerous hats wholesale.

hats wholesaleIf you decide to buy a single hat, after all, you need to pick a solid generic color and style that will fit many winter pieces in your wardrobe. Many women choose black hats for winter, but dark burgundy reds or vivid violets also seem to be popular. If you want to purchase two hats, ensure wide variety. Get one darker and one vivid one to add a dash of color to your winter outfits. This way you’ll have more outfit options.

A great color for winter hats is bright red. Such hats can change your otherwise drab winter look into something quite vivid. Red is also associated with the holiday season… so you can add some green for that winter vacation look. Wear a red hat to a holiday party to spice up an outfit or just wear with your everyday outfit. Remember, you don’t need any fancy occasion just to wear a hat.

But what about styles? Don’t go with hats wholesale found in the local warehouses! Well, some women go with a classic beanie. Some add some embellishments like embroidered patterns, bubbles. Some beanies are even two-sided. Add a pom-pom on the top to have a fun bobble hat. Men like the so-called ushankas or trapper hats, but women can also enjoy these hats with ears. Regular styles of hats like a fedora or Borsalino can be made of warm felt which makes them perfect for winter. Women can also benefit from tall, glamorous fur hats – but some might discover that a Cossack hat dwarfs them.