How to find elegant satin shirts wholesale

More and more ladies work in offices these days. These job places are for them often places where they have frequent contact with the customer, and therefore need to be smart all the time. That’s why they often include black and white shirts wholesale and blouses in their wardrobe. However, if you are drawn to vividly coloured satin shirts wholesale, but your hips are large, this could be a veritable godsend. These bright coloured blouses will help to draw attention away from your hips and bottom.

Interestingly, some satin shirts are sleeveless, although I prefer my shirts wholesale to have some sort of sleeves, although not necessarily long ones. They often have buttons down the front, although you can find loose shirts that don’t.

shirts wholesaleWhen deciding what to wear with your satin shirts wholesale, the sky really is the limit. The shiny finish of satin goes equally well with a rough corduroy skirt as it does with leather or in fact cotton. Generally, it’s a bit much to wear satin skirts with satin shirts wholesale, although in the evening, long satin pants with a pretty ruffled silk satin blouse can look absolutely stunning.

But of course, satin shirts wholesale can easily be worn casually, since they are quite versatile. You can wear them for different types of occasions, depending on whether you match them with a skirt or with pants. Adding a fancy or a casual jacket over the top will also change the way it looks. This is why it is often helpful to analyse what is in your closet so that different items work with one another. If for example, you like the look of brightly coloured shirts wholesale, it is a good idea to check what you will be able to wear them with. If you don’t have skirts or pants that either match or complement the colour, then you’ll either have to choose another colour, or you will need to start looking for a suitable skirt or pair of pants that will work with it. The same goes with the style. There are a multitude different designs, but not all will work with every type of skirt or design of pants.


A couple of word on mixing denim with denim

Now, you might know me as the queen of fashionistas. But some of my friends have for some reason the opinion that I hate denim. Malicious slander, I tell you. I like denim! Everyone has probably at least one denim piece in their wardrobe. I used to be skeptical, but I actually loved the current trend of wearing denim with denim. Yes, lovelies, it’s possible! You can match jeans with denim, provided that you offer enough variety for your outfit. Vary it up with colors and styles to provide variety. There are millions of shirts wholesale on the market, and you can find chambray ones!

shirts wholesaleA great idea to build on is this rarest of jeans – white denim! It does stand out and works great for summer since it absorbs less heat. If you are seriously dedicated to the idea of denim with denim, you should start with white denim. A neat idea would be a pair of denim shorts or distressed jeans with a darker chambray shirt. This will make you relaxed, calm and casual. An alternative is the other way around – a white denim jacket matched with dark jeans is a great way to stand out and seem attractive. You can find a lot of white shirts wholesale online. 

While some time ago denim skirts have been badmouthed for being tasteless and backward, they do not deserve this. They are soft and flouncy and work great instead of jeans shorts. Pick a bright blue denim skirt, and tuck in a darker denim shirt, add a black belt and a pair of chunky sandals. The tones of denim can create a much more interesting and chic look.

Probably the stereotypical image of a bad mixing denim with denim is a simple denim jacket or shirt with a pair of jeans. Vary it up with various cuts – pick a pair of skinny jeans with a tough oversized denim jacket or shirt, and you can make it work. Add a nice colorful T-shirt for a simple casual combo, and a pair of sunglasses and other tough accessories.