Wholesale mens jeans – great looking and practical

Sometimes we all want to put on wholesale mens jeans and match them with a fun leather jacket, but is it worth it? Jeans don’t go well with elegant jackets since they are far too casual. Simple jeans are baggy, casual for work or relaxing, something for blue collar workers. You don’t want to buy wholesale mens jeans – you need to maintain beautiful style and appearance. Elegant jackets would work better with linen trousers, chinos or even dark jeans since most of the blue jeans are far too casual.

wholesale mens jeansOf course, no one can deny that blue jeans are practical. They’re thick and therefore warmer. When it’s freezing outdoors and you have to get to school or job by 7 a.m., sometimes you need more than just a pair of leggings. Of course, your supervisor or teacher might not like it, but sometimes you should be allowed to wear wholesale mens jeans to work – as long as you don’t stay in contact with the customers. IT specialists or marketing writers are allowed a little leniency in the dress code.

If you want to match a good quality top for your wholesale mens jeans, you have considered also the time f the year. In the summer, you can wear any kind of fitted short-sleeved T-shirt, while in the fall a longer-sleeved shirt. You can safely pick button-down shirts, they’re quite casual. In the winter you could wear a nice cashmere sweater or a flannel jackets matched to your trousers.

This applies especially if you’re a college student. And what if you go to high school? Well, kids still like jeans and shorts. While uni students might not want to show off, you can safely wear a bright T-shirt or one with a cool print, tuck it into trousers and you’re ready to go!