Tips fashion designers won’t tell their customers!

For ages, the scarf has been one of the most popular women’s fashion accessories. It’s superbly versatile, can add color and texture to any outfit, and looks and feels very feminine. It’s not a coincidence that most top fashion designers include wholesale scarves in their collections. The longer the scarf, the better, they seem to think. But here are some rules the fashion designers won’t tell their customers!

wholesale scarvesYou don’t have to tie your scarf – you can drape it around your neck to add an extra layer – and look stylish, of course!

Do not flaunt the labels or brand names, they don’t make fashion. You shouldn’t also drop the name brands casually, that’s not what fashion is all about.

You might know about the balance of colors, but also remember the balance of the fabric. Pair the sheer wholesale scarves with lightweight fabrics and the heavier winter scarves with thick blouses and overcoats.

If you’re boyish why not try out a scarf over a bodysuit or other tight clothing. Use the scarf to break the monochromatic outfit. Imagine. Black boots, black leggings, black tunic – and a single colorful scarf… If you have a petite build, don’t wrap yourself in excess fabric – use shorter wholesale scarves to build a nice collection. The same goes if you’re plus sized.

In general, the scarf shouldn’t trail longer than the hem of the top garment. Use knots and ties to control it.

Remember, though to be reasonable with scarves. You shouldn’t add too much weight to the top part of your body – if you’re wearing a necktie, avoid necklaces, large earrings. Big hair is also not meshing well with wholesale scarves – tie it back or tuck it into a hat.

And finally, you should never leave home in a scarf without looking in a full-length mirror. They’re accents to your outfit and can be easily readjusted.

Styles of scarves for men

Scarves are often thought of as exclusively women’s fashion accessories. If a man wears a scarf, according to the fashionistas, it’s only to keep his neck and face warm. But scarves can be quite fashionable with men, for instance, a long silk aviator scarf worn with a suit is pretty bohemian. There are a couple of most prevalent scarf styles, and a good wholesaler will offer most of these wholesale scarves.

wholesale scarvesThe most prevalent scarves are typically called standard scarves. These are the long rectangular scarves worn around your neck. These are available in all sorts of materials from wool and cashmere to acrylic and fleece.

A snood is also a kind of scarf. Originally the word ‘snood’ meant a hair net, but a snood means also a tubular scarf with no loose ends. You don’t tie it, simply pull it over your head. It’s comfortable, easy to wear and very sporty.

Chunky scarves are typically longer and wider than other ones. Often they’re oversized and deliberately made of thick knits so that it’s clear that they will keep you warm. These are usually handmade, so it’s hard to buy wholesale scarves like this.

Aviator scarves are typically made of wool or silk. They’re called this because pilots in WWII favored these silk scarves to brave cold temperature and winds. Usually, they’re white, but now they can be worn as a fashion accessory in any color.

Pashmina is a kind of cashmere wool, often used for scarves. Pashmina scarves are typically elaborately knitted in floral patterns, often long and very warm. Since they’re cashmere, they’re typically soft and lightweight.

There are also square scarves, often inspired by a traditional Arab headdress.  A kufiya or shemagh is a type of scarf worn around your head to protect you from the sun.  Both because of political and religious connotations, it’s also worn in the West. Most of the time, they’re produced in China – so the most well-known wholesale scarves from Palestine are actually an import.