Cashmere sweaters – the hottest fashion for the coldest season

Cashmere is a fine-quality fabric that is derived from the cashmere producing goats found in countries like China, India and even Scotland. These mountain goats only produce the cashmere in the early spring which is when it is harvested. Luckily, no harm comes to the goats, because the hair is taken by shearing or combing. One of the most popular applications for cashmere is the sweater. Cashmere cable wholesale sweaters are perfect for the chilly months because they are classic, go with a lot of outfits and are very warm.

When you compare a sheep’s wool sweater and a cashmere sweater, the cashmere sweater will win every time. The fabric will be lighter and more flexible. Cashmere has a slightly fuzzy feel and comes with short and long fibre length. It is, unfortunately, more sensitive. All cashmere wholesale sweaters must be dry cleaned or preferably hand washed with a gentle shampoo. And, it must never be dried in a machine but rather laid flat to air dry.

wholesale sweatersAnother interesting option is the argyle sweaters. Consisting of alternating coloured diamonds, argyle is commonly seen on preppy sweaters and socks. Whether you want a classic, traditional look or one with a trendy edge, cashmere argyle wholesale sweaters can fit the bill. They can be dressed up or down depending on your style preferences.

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, cashmere wholesale sweaters make the perfect gift. Treat yourself to a new sweater and luxuriate in the silky softness and warmth of this natural wool. Or, wrap up a cashmere sweater for a friend or family member and watch their eyes light up when they open their gift. A cashmere sweater, cable knit or not, is a wardrobe item that will last for years to come if properly cared for and can be paired with everything from denim jeans to dressier items.