Negotiations in the world of fashion!

The key to negotiating successfully when buying wholesale womens dresses is to create a win-win situation for both you, the retailer and wholesaler. To facilitate good business deals, you can use the social media to interact with the prospective and current customers. This is quite likely one of the simplest ways to determine the type of dresses that your customers will want to buy.

Start with getting pictures of the wholesale womens dresses that you are considering for purchase. Often, the wholesaler can provide them for your for free or for a one-time fee. You could post the pictures on social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. This way, you’ll see how people react to the dresses.  Remember though that support and likes might not translate to actual interest. Perhaps the model is very pretty, or your fans just want to express support for you. You might ask people who commented on the picture – would you buy them? You could even propose a small discount.

When you are committed to buying the wholesale womens dresses you want, start negotiating. In most countries, you have every right to haggle for better prices, but you must do it like a pro. The distinction between a beginner and the professional negotiator is that while the beginner just wants to have a discount, the professional negotiator has some well-prepared negotiation offers that will benefit both the buyer and the seller.

For example, an inexperienced negotiator will say “Please give us 10% of a discount.” Well, the wholesaler might accept – but it’s not likely. On the flipside, the professional negotiator gives the wholesaler the sensible grounds why she needs a discount, and how the supplier will benefit from the deal – more advertising and exposure. Eventually, for instance, the company might be willing to increase the volume of the order or they might introduce some other companies to the wholesaler. Remember – a good businessman can make the same deal twice, it pays to be honest.