Satin or silk blouses or shirts… the choice is yours!

Satin is great – and every women’s shirts wholesaler I’ve known agrees. It looks like silk but is significantly less expensive. One aspect of satin blouses that I love is that the classic designs are practically speaking, eternal. They can be worn with any sort of skirt or pants and will always look dandy. This is, in particular, true of various matte satin blouses and dress trousers that are to be worn in the evening.

But you will also find that there are various designs that are made to fit different body shapes. Like all other blouses, satin blouses that have a long cut, extending below the waist to the thighs will have the effect of making the body look longer. I don’t know any women’s shirts wholesaler who sells female blouses that aren’t meant to be tuckable.

women's shirts wholesalerNot surprisingly, these soft satin blouses may be teamed with a range of different jackets, thus extending the application of your wardrobe. Many women make a classic mistake that because the blouse is made of satin that you need to find a suitable satin jacket. This might work if you are going to be attending a formal occasion, like a wedding or a funeral for example. But otherwise, leather often creates an interesting contrast with satin blouses. To complete the look, wear leather shoes or nice tall boots that will agree with the style and colour of the jacket that you have chosen to wear.

These soft satin and silk shirts may also be dressed up with belts, for example, worn right below the bust or around the waist. In fact, you can wear some blouses with or without a belt, making them perfect for that quick change from a regular everyday of clothing to something that is perfect for an office cocktail party. What is more, there are many various kinds belts that you can wear with a satin blouse, from a belt made of the same satin to leather or vinyl belts that contrast with the colour of the satin. Accessorising can be a very potent tool.